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'Zactly… The phone hardware manufacturers have little incentive to do the work to test/tweak the updated OS versions on their phones, since that prolongs the life of old hardware instead of selling a new phone. If they do finally put out an update, then the carriers drag their feet… they couldn’t possibly release a clean update without stuffing their bloatware and custom crapola in, so they may or may not ever get around to it at all.
Example: My step-son has the same model phone as I do, but on a different carrier. We noticed differences in the icons for quickly enabling/disabling GPS, WiFi, etc. Looking further, even the menus & options under Settings were different. Big can of WTF?

Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. :angry:


Especially since the company that makes my phone just released a new smartwatch?


Form the preview of their new smartwatch, it doesn’t look bad - less cost and less complicated seems like it could be a winner. But it will require Android 4.3 or later. Awww.


Yeah, Android’s carrier madness is so blatantly, absurdly anti-consumer that I don’t know how anyone could put up with it. Love Apple or hate them, they at least deserve props for bullying the carriers into staying completely out of their firmware—and I can load the latest iOS revision onto four-year old iPhones without problem (and it even works…mostly).

Being beholden to a carrier for an update sucks. I’d go with a Nexus device if I had to go Android. It just seems like the only sane option.


I love my Nexus 7 tablet (gen 2). My phone is a hand-me-down from Sunbeam which is dying. I’m thinking about going to a dumb flip phone next. I don’t want to spend the money to stay current on a premium smartphone just to keep my life from being compromised through it. Not when I can’t even carry it until after the workday. (Reference our earlier conversation on this topic.)


Yeah, I’ve got a Nexus 5 and love the fact that I get rapid updates.

Of course, it’s not just Android that has the update problem. I remember back in days of the Nokia smartphones it needed the network to roll out upgrades to their branded handsets then too. I learned then to buy unlocked where possible, which I think is where Apple have won in that they’ve historically not allowed branding.


Not saving log in state properly now… I think.


Typo in varnish config! Fixed.


I think the latest update (as of a few minutes ago) also adds desktop-side notifications.




GAH my computer just beeped and I got a desktop notification



Ha! I didn’t turn it on… good to know


I turned it on for this session to see what it would do. Of course, the board isn’t very active at this time of the evening…


I’m not havening a problem with it.


Ding fries are done!


I[quote=“Lee_Ars, post:49, topic:986, full:true”]
I think the latest update (as of a few minutes ago) also adds desktop-side notifications.

It asked about it. I said no.


I said yes, simply because I can turn it off if it becomes annoying.


Okay, with this update, the preview is no longer working. It just stays blank.


Seems to be working here—I’m watching the preview pane fill in as I type right now. But I’ll go ahead and poke it with a sharp stick just to make sure all is well.

edit - OK, give it a shot now!


Okay, that’s working now. Not sure what happened.