Latest update


It seems the latest update is little buggy.

Suddenly clicking on a topic takes us to the top, rather than the latest replies. And when I posted a minute ago, I got a flash of a dialogue box “You are not authorized to view this resource.”

Edited to add: the dialogue box says “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” It shows up when I post or reply.


I’m getting those same things.


I thought it was me.


Nope. I’m seeing buggyness too.


If it was you, I’d just reboot.


I haven’t seen @Lee_Ars reply to anything, has he even seen this?


He hasn’t logged in since yesterday, so I don’t think so.


Maybe he was in staff meetings yesterday or something.


@Lee_Ars and the rest of the Ars staff are still trying to process Siracusa’s “retirement.”


Well, the retirement email was 20 pages long…


It was necessary, but not sufficient.


Like a little Dune Buggy?
OR a baby buggy?
Or as in it tastes like bugs?
or it is driving you buggy?
Or it’s the havening to click on the Bottom button each time you open a thread and seeing the unseeable message every time you post that are actual bugs?


It is The Havening.


I sent him a direct email, hopefully he will see it.


Huh. Not sure what’s going on, but I’ll see if I can fix.


All righty. Let’s see if that worked!


Seems to have fixed it for me. Thank you, sir!


Testing. Testing.

Edit: yeah, the dialogue is gone and we are skipping to the new messages on threads. Woohoo!



mandatory lengthenining.


And without a prescription!