Latest Nutcase?

With all the “innocent” people getting shot, dogs shot, arrested, SWAT raided, whatever by police, how come they treat this newest asshole like the Pope when his parents say he’s going over the edge and may be a danger to himself or others?

And how is an Indonesian/British gentleman, of liberal leanings, and questionable sanity “representative of American white males?” Is this the same way Zimmerman was a White Hispanic? Man, the news just can’t wait until someone even vaguely conservative shoots up somewhere.

I am also curious how someone stabs three people to death, shoots three people to death, hits four with his car and injures eight more with a gun is a shooting rampage. Seems like this sucker went on a flat out rampage, guns or no. And since the victims, at least the dead ones are 4-2 male, how this was some massive attack on just women. Seems like the dude hated himself so much it had to be everyone’s fault, not just women. His diatribe seems pointed mostly at women, and God knows if he had gotten into the sorority house it all could have gone differently, but still, dude had a hate-on for the whole world.

Somehow this dude is also the poster child for #yesallwomen too. As if women hold some sort of violence victim monopoly. Sorry, murder statistics seem to indicate otherwise.

Males are 3 times more likely to be murder victims.
Females are most likely to be victims of domestic homicides (63.7%) and sex-related homicides (81.7%)
Males are most likely to be victims of drug- (90.5%) and gang-related homicides (94.6%)

In addition 40% of all domestic abuse is against males.

It’s almost like each incident has to be milked for the most terror and hate, since there just aren’t as many any more. All these reports talk about epidemics, and pump up the emotions, but America is safer today than it’s been in decades. If you don’t live in a major city odds are you are one of the safest people in the world.

Indianapolis is in the middle of a murder spree, but seems like 90% of them are criminals shooting each other. Let’s all panic about the wave of violence hitting the city. You know, if you are doing a drug deal, or “just minding your own business” on teh street at 3 AM, or showing someone who’s neighborhood this is, yeah, it’s a lot more dangerous.

How else are they gonna justify buying the ridiculous bombastic music on the “news” shows they need for all these terror stories?

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I just get sick of hearing how horrible everything is when life is the best it’s been in centuries for 99.9% of the people out there.

The worst off person in the US is so much better off than people were 100, or even 50 years ago it’s not even funny. And even more better off than the worst person in the world today. Obesity is a problem with our poor, firemen spend most of their time working car accidents and health and welfare checks, policemen have the time to look for crimes, women get more college degrees than men, and if they choose not to have children out earn men. Most people can afford to work a job that isn’t inherently dangerous.

We have so much food we’ve started to turn it into gas, which it turns out we have so much of if they changed the law we’d be like in the top ten largest exporters of energy in the world.

Hell, when was the last time a rampaging army tore through any country outside of Africa? And if we’d stop “helping” Africa they’d have to spend their money on food and not guns.

Oh, and I love how the Obama’s feel for the shooting victims. Does it not matter if you weren’t shot?

I found that since I stopped watching TV and reading the newspapers I’m a lot happier than I was before. The constant exposure to almost endless doom-n-gloom really does have an impact on you and your mental well-being.