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The doctor prescribed something to help her bladders swelling.


So My cat has 3 visible bladder stones. Shes now on a special diet that will hopefully shrink them so they can be passed.
She loves the wet food that was prescribed, and i love that because she normally hates wet food. But, because of the wet food she did her first normal sized urination in a week!!!


This cat is going to be the death of me. The bladder stones are causing lots of irritation in my cats bladder. To the point she peed some blood. Called vet (god bless this woman) and she had me send her pictures of the litter that had the blood, and told me that this happens, and to just keep an eye on her. I love this cat to death but shes pushing my stress so high, and my bank account so low…


Urinary issues are frustrating especially to engineering science minds because we see a problem and want to apply a solution and be done, and we cannot. Yes, you will sometimes get bloody urine with stones because they are rolling around in there roughing up the tender inside walls of the bladder. Make sure there’s plenty of water to drink and litterboxes to use so she doesn’t feel like she can’t find a clean place to go. If you feel like she is uncomfortable call and ask for some pain medications. Eventually things will resolve, but we are not used to being patient but rather applying a solution and having it fixed. Good luck!


I just want my cat to be happy and health. It is so upsetting for me to see her not feeling well. It seems like water is rushing right through her, she will go drink water then go straight to the litter box.


Gave my self a huge panic attack this morning, i thought i over dosed my cat on metacam, she was prescribed .15 ml i gave her . 05 but i miss read the dropper and thought i gave her .5 ml… i think im going to request the pills she was on, the pre-messured stuff is way easier on my stress.


In my opinion, the only reason to do liquid is if you have a cat that you just can’t get a pill into. I’ve always been able to get pills into my cats.


If the pills were onsior, they are only labeled for three days then you have to skip a day or two. In the US. Europe has trials showing no increase in side effects at daily dosing for 54 days. Metacam is similar but can go longer according to Europe. The US doesn’t give us any labeling that far out. You could ask your vet to draw up the metacam dosing for you. Or draw a big black line where you need to go to. Cats and anti-inflammatory meds are rough.


The Pills were onsior. the last time i gave her one was on Monday (that was the last pill i had) and then gave her the small dose of metacam this morning. I just don’t want to make my cat feel worse, and when i gave myself the panic attack earlier it was because i thought i gave her to much and she would get even sicker.
You are not wrong about wanting a solution that fixes it quickly, rather than going the long road like i am currently.
My cat is supposed to help with my anxitey issue not make it worse. T_T