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Good to know. Luckily ticks aren’t very common in the areas where my cats wander. I’ve never seen any, at least, and I’ve been there for about 50 years.


Ugh, if I never see a tick in my life, I’ll be happy. (not counting like zoos and such)
My buddy’s wife got bit by a tick when she was doing field work for her graduate studies in whatever science she was studying that required her walking around in the Texas wilderness. I’m guessing it was lyme disease that she got from the tick, but whatever it was, its effects will last the rest of her life. She is still able to function, but there are certain things that she’ll always have trouble with. Like it’ll be difficult if it requires fine motor control, because her hands pretty much always vibrate at least a little unless they’re sitting on something solid.
Man, no desire to ever encounter a tick. Nope nope nope.


Your invisible friend that gives you awesome gifts for life.


I see them all the time in my part of Ptown, i pull them of the sheep/goats(when i can safely). I haven’t seen them on our outdoor cats, but im sure at one point they have had them.



Well, in Texas it could be Lyme, Erlichia, Babesia, Anaplasmosis, or a combination. And there are a few more tick-borne diseases that are cropping up here and there. Hate ticks. Plus, they are creepy. Very creepy. :grin: