Kittehzes! & Pets


That’s great info! Ill bring it up with my vet!


Took my cat to the vet for possible ear mites… yeah turns out she just has allergies. Was it a waste of $60 to find that out? Nope it brought me peace of mind knowing that she is okay.

In other news i pull a super dumb dropped my anxiety meds on the floor and didn’t notice that i didn’t have them for about 3~4 hours… So i rushed home from work and the pills where right next to her bowel. I am so freaking lucky she typically doesn’t move from her bed until noon or so and that she didn’t eat them.


Cats don’t usually eat pills, in my experience (not on purpose, at least). That doesn’t mean that there aren’t cats who will, but you’re usually in more danger of them batting them under the stove or accidentally ingesting some when they pick them up while playing with them.


My oldest cat is going deaf. I drive up behind him and he doesn’t react until I get out of the car. I walk up behind him, and he’s startled when I call his name. It seems like he’s losing his hearing in the lower registers, but can still hear the higher sounds.

I worry some because I think he can’t hear cars anymore, but there’s no way I can keep him inside without him peeing everywhere. :frowning:


Oh no! That sucks, and they don’t make kitteh hearing aids do they?


I’m guessing a cat wouldn’t react well to being put in a harness and attached to a trolley line in the back yard.


The roommate and I were talking about that just the other day. The idea of a cat with hearing aids is kind of funny. There’s no way they’d keep them in, and there’s no way he’s getting hearing implants either.

There are plenty of cats who lose their hearing and function just fine. At least Kaijyu doesn’t have the habit of laying around in the road.


Well, I wouldn’t, I know that.


Definitely not. He’s not young, so he’s spending less time outside,but he’s still plenty spry enough to jump over the fence, though. He’s only 14, so he has plenty of years left in him.


I thought that was very old for a cat???


My cats seem to live around 18 years. The oldest was 21.5 years old when she passed away.


Depends on the cat. My first cat, when I was just a wee lass, had no problem with it. She’d tear up and down the yard chasing the sheepdog next door.


Holy cow! That is an old cat!


Mousie was almost starved to death as a kitten. She was about 3 weeks old when I got her in 1981, bloated belly and sticks for limbs. She survived, but had some brain damage. Sweetest cat ever, but mentally retarded. We used to joke that she would live forever because she had no idea that she wasn’t supposed to. She passed away peacefully on Christmas eve, 2002.

She’s the calico in this picture.


What do you guys recommend for keeping ticks off doggies?


We use various of the ‘pill’ or ‘stuff you put on their neck’ solutions, but my dog is mostly an indoor dog, so may not be high-risk.


Revolution works on fleas and ticks. It’s prescription, but I’ve found it to be very effective. You can use it on both dogs and cats. How much you use depends on the size of the animal.


All this talk makes me glad my kitties are indoor only. Lots of coyotes up in the hills so no way I’m letting them outside.


Yeah: When I was working nights last year I got home one night and was getting my bag from my car and saw a massive fox or something brazenly walking down the middle of the street. We don’t let the dog out without a leash in the evenings.

(Actually, do to never being let out unleashed for his first few years he doesn’t really know how to handle it. Plus currently he’s worked out that AC beats freedom.)


Revolution does heartworms, fleas ,and one or two ticks. It does not do all the ticks we have in the US, including the ones that carry most the diseases. For this reason we recommend either Bravecto or Nexgard…Bravecto is a once every three month pill and Nexgard is a once a month pill. Believe it or not some people find Bravecto harder to give bc they forget which month they are on. I just give mine on months divisible by 3 but that’s bc I’m a huge nerd that way. Both should be from your vet only. Dogs with a history of severe seizures should be monitored closely if you and your vet opt to use either of these products.