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Agreed. It could become viral and we’ll all be laughing with you. :wink:


Why am I thinking of Greebo?


Greebo would never allow himself to be brushed except by Granny.

Tom (our resident feline goon) would get patches on his back from his winter coat. Now we keep up with his brushing and he doesn’t really mat anymore. He gets a quick brush maybe once a month. But when he was matting I would use a pair of sharp scissors and either cut the mat in half and comb it out or if it was a big one, just try and cut as close as I could.


Thought he was Nanny Ogg’s?


Stoopid auto correct…


In all fairness, Granny tended to supercede trivial details of ownership in her vicinity.


I posted this picture in the photography thread too, but I wanted to show him off. I’ve had a little one gallon tank on my desk for a while and I’d been meaning to buy a betta, but never got around to it. One of my students brought this guy in for me a couple of weeks ago.


Now to keep Gollum away from that fish… :smile:


Oh, dear. Vache has been trying to catch birds lately. He just came into the house with something sticking out of his mouth. It was a feather. I don’t know if he actually caught one, but it’s only a matter of time until he brings one in at this point.


I think it’s getting close to That Time for one of my furballs. Despite seeming to eat constantly, he’s losing weight at an alarming pace, tested positive for kidney disease a while back (I haven’t taken him back to get re-tested as the stress of the ride to the vet is tough on him), when he’s not sleeping he’s underfoot in the kitchen, and now he’s having occasional trouble with stairs. He hasn’t been on the 2nd floor of the house in months, and I’ve heard him slip on the basement stairs twice in a week.

We’ve moved a litter box up to the 1st floor so he doesn’t have to deal with the stairs anymore but it’s really just a matter of time now, and whether it happens at home or after one last stressful car ride.


I’m so sorry to hear that, @dakboy.


I’m so sorry, it’s a rough thing for everyone when it’s time to say goodbye. If it helps, I know of a home visit vet service in your area (IIRC) that could maybe advise on the time left.


I’m sorry to hear that, @dakboy. I know how tough it is when the end is near for a pet you love. I’ve been through it numerous times over the years and it has never gotten easier. :frowning:


Thanks @ToasterFairy. We’ve decided to stop forcing medication on him at this point; it’s not helping him and just another thing to stress him out. Not sure where we’re going to do the needful; one of the vets at the practice we go to lives down the block from us, so that may be an option. But we’re hesitant to do it in the house because the kids (especially dakson) will latch onto and fixate on it happening “right in this spot” for years to come.

He’s not really acting like he’s in pain. He’s not hiding from us, and when he’s not sleeping he’s wandering around, getting underfoot and demanding food. But he’s also not grooming himself and it’s obvious that his body’s just giving out.

RIP Thread

This doesn’t really count as a pet, but there is a half-sized bumblebee that has been resting in front of my house for three days now. It was on top of my newspaper holder, and when it was still there yesterday, I transferred it to a flower. It moved just a little today, so it’s probably sick or injured.

If I can figure out how to mix honey and water together in a small enough amount, maybe I can feed it. There’s a page that says a 30/70 mixture can help out.


I just scheduled my cat for a vet visit. I think she has ear mites. I also scheduled appointments for my sisters cats, both are outdoor cats, that due to the increase of fires/coyotes in the area we would like to make indoor cats. Those are going to be fun check ups. One needs a rabies shot, and possible deworming. The other probably just deworming.

I love adulting, at least when it comes to taking care of animals.


A lot of places give discounts if you’re bringing multiple animals in at one time, at least. Yeah, vet care us expensive: My wife complains about our never-closed account at the clinic, and she works there.


I take my cats to place @Nabiki recommended, and they treat my cat so well! Ive taken her to other places and they don’t seem as gentle or as caring when it came to my cat. From what I’ve seen of this place the prices are very fair compared to the other vet clinics I’ve been to.


Might I recommend revolution for your cats. Treats and controls ear mites, fleas, heartworms, mange, and some intestinal parasites in cats. Also, just because they are inside cats does not mean they don’t need their distemper combo vaccines along with their rabies vaccine. I have seen many cats get colds that have purely indoor cats. It’s amazing what can blow in. And be sure to discuss whether there are other, location specific, vaccines and treatments they need.


Revolution is what the Cat Hospital prescribed for my cats. They also recommended changing it up every now and then to get the fleas that start becoming resistant to the flea control of the moment. I rotate through Advantage, Revolution, and Seresto collars.