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I’m glad :slight_smile:


I’ve been a bit dog heavy with my posts in this thread so I better even things out with another shot of Charlie.


Poor doggy is at the dog doctor (vet) this morning. Doggy does not feel well and we suspect it is tick fever.


I hope he feels better soon!


Verdict was tick fever. He got an injection.

Already looking much better this evening, am glad for that!


Cute doggy! I’m glad he is feeling better.


Follow up vet visit.

Doggy is so much better, looking much better now. Temperature is also lower.

And he’s almost back to his own self.

There’s pills you can give on a monthly basis which’ll prevent tick fever. We’ll be giving our dogs such a pill once a month, it works out cheaper than a vet visit+medicine anyway.


How do cats know?! I’m shutting down apps, getting ready to shut down the computer and go to bed, when I suddenly have a large, purring cat in my lap. Now I can’t go anywhere.


How do they know that your attention can now be focused on more important things like them? They’re cats.


A few shots of Rudy today on a bitterly cold day in Wisconsin…



Though I’m sure he came home and spattered mud and snowmelt everywhere!


It was too cold out for mud. It was about -13C outside at the time.


The advantage of camping in the utter cold. We went out for about three days last week and it was between -3 and 18 degrees the whole time. The only time liquid water became an issue is in the camper. And even after the dog rolled around in the snow it was so cold and powdery that she was able to shake it all off.


Beautiful dog, but I’ll pass on the snow.


Well, since I’m poking around here again… we had a new addition. Meet Malcolm Reynolds.


Here’s a recent Noodle picture:


Rudy airborne

Charlie plotting


@MSUAlexis professional advice requested.

I have an overweight cat, and we’re working successfully on that part, but she has real issues keeping herself clean and is getting mats in her fur. Last time at the vet it was one massive mat on her back, this time, I think because she’s thinner, it’s patches on her back. She has become much more social in the last year, we didn’t even know she had matted fur before, but she’s still a very independent cat. I’ve tried my furminator on her, but it’s risking my life. Is it a big deal to try to shave the portions off myself like the vet did last time? I’m thinking as she gets smaller and I’m better prepared to stay on top of it we might get somewhere if we can start over one more time… I’d rather not take her to the vet just to get her shaved.

Also, any hints or tips for this issue besides wrapping her in a blanket/towel and going at the mats with the comb and brush?


Yes you can shave at home, but be very careful because their skin can be thin. Shave slowly, and I usually tell people to shave through the mat staying away from the skin, then try to work the rest of the mat free. As for how to do it, towels blankets and gloves. That’s what I use. :joy: Also consider buying a cat muzzle. Specifically the ones that look like plastic cones with strings that go over the ears. Not the nylon ones. The plastic ones are more protective from bites and they let the cat breathe much easier. And since they cover the eyes without smushing them, the cat responds better to it. Good luck!


Also have your wife or daughter film it, so if it all goes horribly, hilariously wrong, they can post it to youtube or something, like @Ook does with his traffic videos.