Kittehzes! & Pets


That was a like for the good news. For your girl, do you know how to do subcutaneous fluids? It’s not hard to learn. Your cat will be much happier getting her fluid treatments at home, and you’ll save a lot of money.


We’re taking Boots back into the vet tonight. He gave us a scare about 2 weeks ago and he was in the hospital overnight. He’s now on steroids which is so much fun to give him in the mornings. But he’s been more lively and looking better than he has in a long while. He’s going in because we haven’t seen him poop and he’s looking a bit distended. He’s 19 and he’s got kidney issues and we keep an eye on him.


Our Elder Cat has trouble getting nutrients through digestion, so we give her an oral dose of steroids every second day that kicks up her intestinal efficiency. Chicken flavoured! Why can’t my drugs be chicken flavoured? Also, who gets to test the flavor to be sure?

We also give her a B12 shot once a month which really perks her up.


Our black cocker spaniel sure is intelligent.

Most dogs will go exploring when hearing noises at night, but not this doggy. He will remain close at the house and bark at the noise.

We never taught him to do that, but I’m chuffed with this.


Tinder for dogs.


I laughed! Thanks!


Roommate’s stupid cat is stuck in a tree. It’s a tall one, and he’s about 3/4 of the way up it. We’re pretty sure he’s been there since yesterday afternoon.

We may have to call someone with a really long ladder…


No tree services have called back. Animal control won’t send anyone out until he’s been in the tree for three days. We got a 35’ ladder and tried to get him down, but even climbing another 15’ up from that, we couldn’t quite get him. The roommate managed to get a hand on him twice, but he couldn’t get the cat off of the tree. The cat climbed 5’ higher.

Then twilight and the crows arrived.

The cat is still in the tree.


He’s still meowing, so he’s survived night two in the tree. :cry:


Vache has been rescued. One of the tree companies came out with a 50’ lift and got up there. Vache wouldn’t let the guy come close, but while trying to avoid him, he fell about 30’ caught himself, then jumped down the last 20’. He landed kind of hard, but that didn’t stop him from zooming full speed home.

He’s eaten, and is asleep on my bed.

You know, it’s funny that everyone who came by asked if it was the big orange and white cat (Vache is a little black and white guy) who was stuck. It seems like everyone in the neighbourhood knows Scraps.


Another shot of Rudy



Big orange and white cat = Heathcliff or Garfield :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Chickens are growing nicely.

Soon we will have some more fresh free-range buttnuggets to sell.




AAAAAHHHHHH! He’s comin’ right for us!


Ah that would be the worst, listening to him meow and not being able to help him. :’(


It was awful feeling helpless. It was worse when he stopped meowing when I called him, though. It was pretty cold and by the second morning, I think he was losing strength. He started meowing again when it got a bit warmer.


Have you managed to get him down? :frowning: poor lil guy.


Yeah. We called a tree service out.