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We had a squirrel in the house over the weekend. In a cage. Sadly, no pics.


No, sorry. His name should be Spiny Norman.
That is all.


Dinsdale? Dinsdale!


That’s really low.


It is. I checked with another friend and while she hadn’t heard of this particular rescue, she said that rescue operations tend to be more hostile toward families with kids and there are lots of crazy people doing rescue stuff.


I guess it’s quite a (deplorably) common thing for a family to go to a shelter, take a puppy/kitten for the kids, then bring it back later when it’s older and the kids have lost interest. Still, they should have at least given your friend and her son opportunity to complete the process they started.

[begin rant]

FWIW I cannot even conceive of that behaviour. If you make the decision to take a pet, the pet is yours for life (extenuating circumstances excepted) - no matter if it sheds a lot, scratches the furniture, steals food, has major health issues, whatever.

Charlie (our youngest cat) came to us as a 12-week-old kitten. He developed a major health issue that turned out to be asthma brought on by stress (due to our son being 2 and a tad bombastic for him). He had 5 or 6 near-fatal attacks last year and early this year, and the breeder even offered to take him back and give us another kitten. I said no, Charlie is my friend and I will be with him until the end.

I realised my decision was the right one when we went away for 4 days and left both cats at my (pet-loving) parents’ place, but confined to one large room as they had visitors at the time. When I went to pick them up and entered the room, Charlie came out and was immediately all over me and purring his little heart out. My mum said “that’s the first time I’ve seen Charlie being affectionate the whole time he’s been here. Ollie has been coming out for pats but Charlie just stayed where he was, on the blanket near the window.”

Nowadays he’s on cortisone tablets for the asthma, and has never been better. He waits for me at the back door and greets me like his long-lost pal, whether I’ve been at work all day or just gone outside to empty the bins. He follows me around the house and jumps on the bed for a scritch if I even go near the bedroom. At night he’s snuggled up next to me, to the point that when I’m at work $wife sends me photos of him on her lap with the caption “I haz ur cat”.

Rehoming Charlie would have removed him from his chosen human, which would have stressed him out even further, and would therefore be grossly unfair to him. Yes he sucked our bank account dry last year but we’ve recovered from that, and I couldn’t imagine our house without him.

The same could be said for dogs too.

[end rant]


Yes. Yes, there are. I had a rescue almost not give me a pair of kittens that I’d traveled over 100 miles to get. Why? Because I planned on taking them home and leaving them in the crate for a while as a safe place while my other cats got to know them. :roll_eyes:


It sounds a lot like the idea of “to death do us part, or until we get tired of each other, whichever comes first”.


We do joke that (locally) it would be easier to adopt a child than a dog. We’ve heard the local rescues make it difficult for any household where the adults work out of the house 40 hours a week to adopt.

it would be “interesting” as $Wife works at a vet clinic so any adoptee we got would certainly be well cared for.


The adult child of one of the Drs at our clinic was denied a dog by a rescue THAT WE WORK WITH. They have no shame…


That is un-freaking-real. The rescue places around here are desperate to find people take dogs, even just temporarily.


Other chicken teaching her chickens to be farm chickens. All of ours are free range.


Some recent photos of Charlie and Rudy:




Rudy at the local dog park recently


He looks happy.

Noodle was not happy yesterday due to the storms hitting the East coast.


We had three days last week where we topped 100 degrees and one more of upper 90s. Gizmo and Apollo spent a lot of time lying on the bathroom floor because the tile was nice and cool relative to everywhere else.


He’s very happy to be outdoors in cooler weather. He loves playing outside when it’s raining and sleeping on the snow in sub-zero weather. He’s not a big fan of heat and humidity.


Neither is mine, but in Noodle’s case it’s because he’s a Shih Tzu, so short muzzle and air intakes only a Pug admires.

He is kinda-sorta undecided about snow. He like sit, but because his coat is more ‘hair’ than ‘fur’ he gets massive clumping on it.


There’s nothing quite like waking up because your cat decided that your feet need to die.


Female cat showing signs of Diabetes going into remission. Cut insulin in half. Yay!

Female cat bloodwork showing signs of kidney disease. Boo!

Both cats can now be on same diet. Yay!