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True story. I actually like Purina Pro Plan or SmartBlends, or if you want something slightly more froofroo I like Fromm. Most dogs don’t need super high amounts of protein. Also, there is nothing wrong with grains. Dogs do eat grains in the wild. Just not in huge quantities. And don’t be misled - grain free doesn’t mean starch free. They use potatoes or peas instead and can call it grain free even if it has the same carb content. You think dogs are out there chowing peas off the vine or digging up potatoes? Nopers. :joy:


Well, not to eat.

I’ll take a look at Purina Pro Plan and SmartBlends. She’s not a super active dog and has a tendency to get pudgy off and on so I think I’ll also start making my daughter use the measuring cup too.


Pro Plan is what Noodle’s been eating his whole life. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, as getting him to eat is a production… But I think that’s a learned behavior, and nothing to do with the food.

Basically, he doesn’t get dog food, but gets kibble + veggies (usually green beans) and a sprinkle of cheese. Sometimes whatever we have a bag of pre-shredded, sometimes the good parmesan. We try to pro-rate the kibble since he gets the other stuff, and while I have concerns, he’s not overweight.

However, here’s what we go through to get him to eat:

  1. Place bowl on floor. Usually near where we are.
  2. Food will be ignored while other options present themselves.
  3. Food will be sniffed at, and occasionally eaten if it happens to have something extra in it like fresh chicken.
  4. Eventually, he will wear someone down, usually $Wife, who will sit on the floor with him.
  5. Food must be removed from bowl by a human, until the dog decides he’s ready to eat. Which may involve eating from the bowl, if that’s the mood he’s in.

I know he can eat from the bowl, and we’ve tried different bowls and plates to rule out not liking sticking his head in a bowl. My theory is he’s holding out for something better, so he waits until other options are ruled out. It doesn’t help that my $Wife allows him to sit on her lap while she eats and may share with him.


He has his human trained!


My dog would starve if she expected that.


It’s going to make it interesting when we’re on vacation: He may be staying in a house with a couple of much larger dogs and owners who like dogs, but don’t put up with his ‘small dog’ BS. It’s enough that they’ve got to walk him, as it’s a farm and they can let theirs run as they are smart enough to avoid getting stepped on by a horse. Or picking a fight with a goat… Noodle likes goats for some reason.

I have seen him pounce on his food bowl: I know he can eat out of it if he wants.

(We did see a bol that’s got a low, sloped rim and I think the bottom was angled slightly we’d like to try if we ever see one on-sale.No idea if he’ll use it.)

Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0

$Wife’s family’s dog (supposedly step-daughter’s dog, but dog only obeys when I give her commands) was coddled too much before I was around. They would let food sit in her bowl for weeks, but she wouldn’t eat it, because someone would always give in and feed her from their plates, or big pieces of turkey jerky. (Before that, I didn’t even know there was such a thing - I guess I had passed it in stores, but never actually looked at it.) This is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix, maybe 10 pounds. Because of the large quantities of dry turkey jerky, the dog was always constipated, plus would withhold because BMs were so painful. The dog jerky package says that even big dogs should have only one piece per day, or just a partial piece. They were feeding that little dog sometimes two big, huge pieces of jerky a day. So, after reading the package, I put my foot down and said no more. Gee, a few weeks later and the dog was eating dog food from the bowl and had normal shits. There are still more table scraps given that I would rather, and it irks me that people in my house feed both dogs from the table while humans are still eating, but that battle is still ongoing. But the dogs aren’t stupid… they don’t sit and stare at me while we’re eating.

EDIT: Sorry, I may have mentioned some of the above before. But it still chaps my hide, so I had to vent.


I would like to return to the original goal that during meal times the dog must vacate the couch (which we eat on) while food is being consumed. It’s not like his life is exactly difficult.

I think we started with this, then it went to “OK, he’s just on a pillow in the corner” and now it is “He just licked the bottom of my plate.”

Oddly, when I’m alone in the house I’m more likely to eat at the table… I think that’s because I tend to eat and read when I’m home alone.


99% of all meals in my house are eaten at the table. Pizza is consumed on the couch as well as game day food, holiday brunch is often in the living room as well. My two older daughters used to complain, but my oldest has implemented the same policy and the 20 year old says she misses it at boyfriend’s parents house and can’t wait to start RVing and get back to eating at a table.


When I was single, I ate on the couch a lot. But I could leave a plate of food on the next cushion while I went to the kitchen to refill my drink, and Chip & Norman wouldn’t touch the food.
Nowadays, we generally eat at the table. Exceptions are when watching a race, maybe a movie, or binge watching something, or eating pizza or chips & dip.


I’ve always been certain that I’m going to die by tripping over a cat. I’m even more certain of it now. I’m not sure which cat it was, but the angry squall sounded like Pig, so I’m pretty sure it was her that planted herself right in my path when I had an armful of plant, purse, and lunch on my way out. I twisted my ankle a bit and landed on my bad knee, but nothing serious, thank goodness.


The doggy whose pic I posted above got tick fever. Fortunately we had the medicine to treat just that. He was listless and would not touch his food, no matter what you tried to give him.

Three injections (one per day) later said doggy’s active and is running all over the place and barking at ne’er-do-wells again.

Our chief fear was that some ne’er-do-well doped some sausage with aldicarb (or some poison) or even glass. So glad it was not that.

We also have a pavement special, breed unknown. But she is a very good and obedient dog, but unfortunately her time to leave us is coming soon, she is past her lifespan. Still as active as ever but her hearing’s not good anymore.


I haven’t seen my skunks for a couple of weeks. I wonder if they all got hit by cars of if they just moved on.


I sincerely hope that they moved on. Perhaps to skunk other ne’er-do-wells :grinning:


I hope so too. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I miss them.


Friends saw an adorable puppy they decided they wanted to adopt. Contacted the rescue he was at, started attempting to set everything up. Rescue insists that they bring their son to meet the dog, then they’ll decide if it’s OK that they bring their other dog to ensure compatibility. Do all the paperwork, have cash in hand ready to adopt.

Take son (8 years old) to meet puppy, everything goes well, boy gets kind of attached to puppy, rescue gives green light for current dog to come meet puppy. But not before other families get a chance to meet puppy as well.

Then they give puppy to someone else.


Not nice.

Hope there’ll be another puppy waiting somewhere…


Kutt-kutt-kutt ka-daw-kutt!

First batch of chickens. Two weeks old.

Second batch is a WIP. Will post phodies once they’ve hatched.


I don’t think they’ve been actively looking for a puppy, they just happened to see this one and couldn’t resist.

I saw the pictures as well and it was very hard to resist.


Somehow my daughter managed to wrangle an addition to our menagerie.

So to two French bulldogs, a chihuahua/pug mix, a hamster, a baker’s dozen of hermit crabs, I am now the proud (?) caregiver to a hedgehog named ‘Garcia’: