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Our cats can’t each others’ food. I have to keep both cats out of the dish that isn’t theirs, so I’d need two of these contraptions.


Does anyone want an eleven year old Russian Blue shorthair? Answers to the name Boris.

That’s a lie. He doesn’t answer to his name. He answers to the words “dinner” and “cat meth” (those chew stick things, the way he fights you for them is like they’re meth and he’s an addict).

He just will not stop pissing on our stuff. We caught him trying to piss on the cupboard that has his food in! He knows that’s his cupboard! Gah!


Our monster Tom had issues peeing on stuff and Mouse has displaced aggression issues. We found relief for both of those with the Feliway diffusers. We stuck one near the places Tom pee’d and in each room. It’s pretty much stopped him and Mouser got better as well. Or they got better at hiding it.


Oh if only it were logical places he was pissing. He just up-tails and goes for it, to the point where we’re just following him now to make sure he’s going somewhere to nap not piddle.


Talk to his vet. Rule out medical conditions. Try the Feliway, and try Cosequin on his food. Also, check out the Indoor Cat Initiative website, which has lots of helpful information. He may need some medications as well depending on what the cause is. But I can tell you, spite isn’t one of them. Good luck; this is one of the most difficult things I deal with at the office…


Our other dawg. Looks like a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Staffy as he is a bit too big and muscular for his kind.


Ne’er-do-wells hates black dogs. One definite plus. :smile:


Dog barked two times last night, in a specific direction, and once this morning.

Had a look out of the window, could see nuffink.

Good dog :+1::clap:


Is there something like Feliway for dogs?
What does Cosequin do for the pee pee problem?


Caniway? :slight_smile:

I can’t speak to the peeing issues but when we brought our male cat home our female cat was not amused and would hiss and growl at him if he so much as dared to be in the same room. So we did the Feliway thing for a month or so and now she tolerates him and will even let him be on the bed/ sofa with her as long as he doesn’t get too close.


Adaptil collars and sprays. Amazon typically has all of these.


Thanks, @MSUAlexis, I’ll give it a shot. I also sent an Amazon link to my friend who’s dog has separation anxiety.


Boris did indeed go to the vet. £370 (US$480) later we find out he’s got cystitis the silly little flab-beast. So he’s on medication to reduce the swelling and to dissolve the crystals. Apparently it’s good we caught it this early, otherwise he’d have needed surgery if any of the crystals had gone anywhere near his urethra.


True story. First emergency of the day yesterday was a blocked cat with a bunch of crystals in his urethra. Thank goodness the owner caught it before his kidneys started to die. Good luck with your kitty! Hope he feels better now!


I just want good dog food that’s good for my dog.

I don’t want it non-GMO.
I don’t want it Organic.
I don’t care if it’s more wolf-like.

I care if it’s less than hamburger per pound.
I care if my dog eats it.
I care that it’s not filled with grain and filler.

Blue is the one I usually buy, but it’s getting so expensive.


While I’d certainly value @MSUAlexis opinion more than my own here, according to $Wife her clinic is hesitant to recommend a lot of the 'all natural/soul of a wolf" foods as they’re often not really good for dogs unless they’re also super active. Too much protein, if I remember correctly.


I’m trying something new. Natural Selections maybe? I can’t remember the name now.

It’s one of the house brands.


When I was a kid, our family dog ate only Science Diet. He was a terrier mix of some sort. I think he lived for almost 20 years, I think, definitely more than 15. We got him in 1980 or 81, and he lived well into the late 90s. I’m not sure what my folks fed him after I was older and left home.
Chip and Norman preferred Pedigree. The both lived past their 15th birthdays, which is in the expected range for Shih Tzus.


I’ve seen the difference between a Iams or a Science Diet and a Blue Buffalo food. My dog only craps once per day, and it’s nice and solid and she’s pretty happy about life. I used to feed my dog, different dog, Iams or Pedigree and he pooped all the time and it was loose at best. I switched him to Blue and it got better, it’s just that Blue is $50 for a 30 pound bag now.

I need to look into what my neighbor feeds his Germans, he makes his food for the three of them and they are happy dogs.


While I don’t inspect stool samples on purpose :wink:, my dogs didn’t have problems with consistency unless someone fed them a lot of human food.
With science diet, the poo would disintegrate after a couple days in the Texas sun… Way less surprises when mowing the lawn. Ha!