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I don’t think Dachshunds are known as a herding breed…

Then again, my Shih Tzu loves goats for some unknowable reason.


Dachshund learnt quickly that Trying To Chase And Eat Chickens are striktly Verboten. (discworld spellinge)

We recently got another dog, a black Cocker Spaniel. Crossbreed, but Cocker Spaniel genes are definitely there, but he’s a bit bigger than a regular CS.

Took two weeks to train that dog, fortunately he’s still young. Now we can relax with the dogs knowing they won’t try to bite the chickens.


My Australian Shepherd is good with our chickens. She’s chased one we were chasing and took a few feathers, and I caught her running one once, but since then she’s more of a help than a hindrance. On good days I can use her as a backstop when I’m trying to move the chickens somewhere. On really good days I can send her in to push them out of a corner or something. On bad days she hangs out where I want to move them.


Got a pic?


OK, it didn’t look as blurry on the phone. We’ve been told there is some spaniel in there too. Her tail is a white flag, it’s the blurry cloud at the back end there.


Beautiful! Looks like she’s got some Blue/Red Heeler as well.

We/my parents had a Blue Heeler for 15 years. Lovely dog, and very smart.


Thyroidkitty update:

He’s been on the thyroid meds (low dose - half a pill twice a day) for about 2 1/2 weeks and feels like he’s put some weight back on. He dropped another quarter or half pound between visits in June/early July. Doesn’t seem like it’s helped with his appetite though. Vet has suggested a trip to Cornell for a “more conclusive scan” but could only estimate the cost between $500 and $1K-$2K - with no guarantee that we’ll learn anything new. Plus the 4 hours round trip stress in the car for him and I can’t put him through that.

We’re due for a followup appointment soon and we’ll see what things look like then. I suspect the needle hasn’t moved much, which means we’re still in :man_shrugging: mode.


I have a fat cat, and I’m not sure how to handle it. She’s getting too big, she has issues grooming and waddles around some. 17 pounds is not a happy weight for her size. But the other cat isn’t fat, so we need to keep feeding one but not the other.

Can you take eat on demand cats and change them so they eat all at once, maybe we cna throw one in a room with food, and then the other and then let them out later?


We don’t leave food out for our cats anymore. We feed thryoidkitty in the mudroom behind the garage, and diabetikitty in the master bathroom (closing the bedroom door to force her to eat and keep the other one out). They’re both on a canned-only diet.


I have one cat who go so fat she couldn’t clean herself. Luckily, she’s not a jumper, so we put food on a desk for the slimmer cats (if they’re too fat to jump, they won’t be hurt by restricted feeding) and I bought a timed feeder for the fat one. She gets four small meals/day, and she’s now at a reasonable weight. She was at 18 pounds, now she’s at about 12. She will always be on a diet (she’s named Pig with good reason), so she will always be fed in a separate room from the others.


We have one cat who is a grazer and one who scarfs everything like a dog. Too keep him from eating the other cat’s food we got a dish that has a lid on it that only opens for the girl cat. This is accomplished by pairing the internal Bluetooth with her microchip. Boy cat has figured out that the lid only opens for girl cat and tries to stick his head in while she’s eating but she smacks him and he walks away.


This is relevant to my interests.


Mine, too!


I’d like to subscribe to this newsletter. Where is the how to?


I believe he has the SureFeed feeder. It also comes with a tag if your pet is not chipped.


Yep. That’s the one. Thanks DT.


Oof. At $150 per cat, I don’t think I can justify it


Well, in theory you only need one for the unfat cat to graze, the fat one can eat out of a normal bowl and if it loses some to the unfat cat then tough luck.


We only bought one. Girl cat doesn’t eat much so we don’t worry about her stealing boy cat’s food. He usually eats it all before she’d have the opportunity anyway.