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Sounds good. Kidney disease and thyroid problems go hand in hand. And sometimes having an overactive thyroid can help balance out the kidney disease. Because when we slow the metabolism by reducing the t4, we also slow the removal of toxins from the body. Which is already compromised in kidney disease and so slowing down too might can exacerbate the kidney symptoms. Good luck; it can be quite a balancing act!


Any way to upload a video?


So, my Neato, Charlie is running, I hear a cat squalling in pain from the same area as Charlie. I get up to see what’s going on, and the Neato stops. Kumoko is running down the hall. Apparently, Kumoko was sleeping in the middle of Charlie’s path, and he tried to vacuum her up, and since she has very long fur, got a good chunk of it caught in his brush.

Sigh. I know that Ku-chan is a ragdoll, but not waking up and moving when the vacuum cleaner is bumping in to her? That’s a little too laid back…



Dropped a dropbox link to a pet video. If it works, fine, if it does not work, then I’ll make another plan.

Wienerdog is now adjusted to smallholding life, and she leaves the chickens alone now. She loves it to really rip it running up ans down the driveway. If the above movie experiment works, I’ll post a vid showing her running.

Our dogs love the open place, there’s always a nice place to sniff and scratch. Not like a residential erf with walls and angey neighbours complaining about the dog poo all over the place.


@Ook: I get a gray box with embedded:
“No video with supported format and MIME type found.”


Hmpf. Will have a shufty at that tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know.


I’m getting the same thing.


I may want to think twice about letting my boys out in the early morning…


Aww, what a cute little white striped black squirrel.


There are two of them.


Oooh, a breeding pair, you should go make friends!


This afternoon I’m going to go find and block the hole that they must have found in order to get into my back yard. It doesn’t help that Vache, my roommate’s cat likes to dig holes under the fence, so he’ll probably invite them back in.


I’ve seen that variety of squirrel before. Man, can they fart.


I had a white one with a black stripe terrorize my family while camping once. Then another trundled through the campsite shortly after.


I actually had a pet skunk in the house growing up. He was de-smelled so no stinky. He ate cat food, used the liter box and lived in a nest he built under the bathroom sink. He also got along great with the cat and dog who also lived in the house. His name was Useless. One of his favorite things was sitting on the linoleum floor in the kitchen and getting spun around by his tail. He was a good skunk.


I found out where the skunks are coming from. I was going out for a walk (I usually come and go from the back when I go out before light), and I hear something from the other side of the fence (The side facing the house where the pot growers lived and that is largely abandoned and overgrown now). It sounded small, like a cat, so I pause. Then I realise that there is a small skunk standing about two feet in front of me. We looked at each other for a while, the skunk kind of shifting like it’s not sure what to think of me, then it turns and wiggles its way back under the fence.

On my way back home, there was a skunk in my front yard. I’m thinking I might want to contact animal control.


Do send two of your pwetty squirrelsez over here, hopefully they’ll keep ne’er-do-wells away :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : will do some work on my video :blush:


I’d be happy to send you the whole family! I think they’re eating my zucchini…

No response yet from animal control. I sent them an e-mail on Saturday. I’m seeing them out and about every morning now.


Ok… let’s try again, this time with a Youtube link instead of a Dropbox link…