Kittehzes! & Pets

When I see this kind of thing, I want to intervene. I once put a collar on a neighbor’s cat. He was at my house every day. I knew he belonged to someone, but I needed some way to contact his people with a note. He came back with a collar and a tag.

Yup. Stinky Tom. Or Professor Cruddy Butt. Or Inspector Thomas of the Orange. Or as my old cat calls him… ‘Arch Neemmmissssss’


Now, whenever I see lol cats or whatever, I thinks of kittehzes. Thanks @moufassa :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Awww! He’s adorable!!!

What happened with her? Surely she’s not still pregnant.

She disappeared. I haven’t seen her since shortly after that post. :frowning: I hope it’s because she’s home nursing her kittens.

We’ll keep our astral fingers crossed then.

Maybe next time she comes to visit the chinchillas, she’ll have a convoy with her.

JUST saw this on a Facebook post. I don’t usually watch videos, but this one was worth it! :smiley_cat:


Despite the inclusion of a caracal (squee!) and an ocelot (squee!16), my vote goes to Raindance - he looks like he had more fun than anyone else and is quite the handsome fellow. The cougars (awesome names) looked the friendliest though.

The mirror video is awesome too, although a bit contrived.

But I have to admit, it’s a fantastic move on BigCatsRescue’s part. I’m going to bookmark their site so I can send them a little something-something.

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Actually, I have already donated $25. As of November, it will be a monthly recurring charge. (I didn’t read the instructions correctly /self. kick).

But… I dare you guys to match my donation.

If a guy on Disability can afford it, you guys can.

Our monthly charitable donations are already spoken for, but good for you! :smiley: Those kitties are cute, and it cannot be cheap to feed them. :smile:

Yeah, I’m sponsoring the sand cats, because their food is costing the sanctuary extra. They have delicate digestions, so they can’t eat anything with hard bones in it, unlike all of the other species there. The sanctuary has to order baby chicks, flash frozen, and shipped to them, Thats a lot more expensive than the regular mush, turkey, chicken, and beef the others eat. Most of the cats can eat a turkey or chicken without worry.


It turns out that Baron did not need surgery - which we only found out after he had been at the animal hospital all weekend. The money raised went to pay for his hospital stay,

The fundraiser and Baron’s mom asked the donors what we wanted to do with the left over money. We were unanimous in saying “hold on to, just in case; after that, give it to the vet’s homeless animals fund”.

Baron was feeling well enough this morning that he was chewing on the doctor’s plants. He is now on prescription cat food - it looks like for life - so I can’t buy a five pound bag of kitty chow as part of my challenge to my followers to help raise funds.


Noticed it had been a while since I posted any Charlie, so get ready:

(taken when he was around 14 weeks old)

Try to unsee this. (also taken at around 14-15 weeks)

(taken at around 11 months)



We seem to have been to the vet quite a bit lately. I noticed Tom’s jaw was sore when I came back from a work trip about a month ago. We took him in and he was bleeding on a back molar and his teeth were just terrible. So we made the decision to leave him there till Mon (this was Sat) when they were going to pull his teeth. Leaving him there made sure he got all his antibiotics and pain meds. That was about 2 weeks ago. Then Tuesday I noticed Mouse having problems peeing so I took him to the vet yesterday. UTI. No blockage yet but we need to keep an eye on him while the meds work.

Here’s the little terrorist on his pain meds being let onto the deck for only the second time.

He’s got quite the little pudge too doesn’t he?


Charlie at 11 months

Too many Charlies.

I only have dog and cannot contribute.


That photo would be good to submit for a caption contest…
“Where did that camera come from? I said no witnesses!”

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And to add to the woes (both emotionally and financially) one of our oldest cats Dannon is currently at the vet to get some of his teeth removed now too.