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And now he thinks he’s a chinchilla. I knew he liked chinchilla food, but this is getting ridiculous.


I decided that this cat deserved his own thread.

Edit: Then I remembered this thread, and figured this was a better match.


Gah. First Kaijyu got sick to the point that he wasn’t eating or drinking for a week. He was so sick, I think he would have died without subcutaneous fluids and rubbing baby food on his paw so he’d lick it off.

Now three of my girls are sick, I’m pretty sure with the same thing. Nursing three very sick cats at the same time is pretty exhausting. Usagi is getting over it. She’s starting to eat on her own. Pig is really sick, but I’m not too worried about her, because she can always be coaxed into eating something (She’s named Pig for a reason). Kumoko has me really worried, though. I’m barely able to get half a teaspoon of baby food at a time into her by rubbing it on her nose. She won’t even lick it off her paw.


Hmmm… That’s a hard one. It really sucks when they all get sick one after another. And knowing you they have all their vaccines so I can’t imagine what it could be. Thinking of you!


Kaijyu got antibiotics, but when they figured that it’s probably a virus, we didn’t do antibiotics for the girls.
I’m giving the girls Onsior and 200 ml of fluids once/day. They pick up a lot for about six hours after the Onsior and fluids, but then relapse back to sleeping, miserable lumps.

Kaijyu has all of his vaccinations since he goes out, the girls have the basics, since they only go as far as my back yard.

Thanks for the thoughts!


I got home today, and Kumoko looked up at me! That’s the most response I’ve gotten out of her before her pill in days! She even ate some food on her own with a bit of coaxing. I think (hope, pray, etc) that the worst is over.


Thinking positive thoughts for you and Kumiko, @Nabiki.


Gah. Usagi has taken a turn for the worse. She’s not eating at all.

On the positive side, Kumoko is eating normally and gaining her strength back. It will take a while for her to gain back the weight she’s lost. All of the cats lost a lot of weight during this crud.


Kumoko and Pig are eating normally again and well on their way to recovery. Usagi got a trip to the vet this morning because she was peeing where she lay, which is a very bad sign. Apparently she wasn’t as bad as the vet was afraid she would be, and she is back at home with anti-biotics, more Onsior, and more fluids. I’m tired. If the roommate’s cats get sick, I’ll give them the fluids and pills, but he has to coax food into them.


Usagi is eating on her own again. None of the other cats are showing signs of this nasty virus, so here’s hoping that the crisis is over! :crossed_fingers:


Good to hear! It really is not nice to see an animal so miserable.


Why can’t they just tell us what’s wrong?

Both cats are 15 years old. Female is diabetic. Or maybe it’s in remission. She’s gone into remission once before, and we haven’t done a recent BG check at home to check on that. Most recent “full” blood panel indicated that we’re either managing it incredibly well, or she’s in remission again.

Male…gave us a huge scare a year ago, possibly cancer, turn out to not be. Has now lost 2 pounds since Christmas and has an insatiable appetite & thirst. All bloodwork comes out OK. Classic symptoms of hyperthyroid but blood tests came back “high, but still in the normal range.” Kidneys, similar story. Had to collect a sample for the vet to look at for concentration, that was fun. His symptoms are very similar to my parents’ cat who passed 3 years ago at the ripe old age of 19 (vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him, either).


Glad to hear that your girl may be in remission. The male really does sound hyperthyroid or kidney issue. Those are usually pretty easy to tell with the blood work that you’ve already had done, though. Here’s hoping they both live to a ripe old age!


Have them run a free t4 by ED. Kidney cats don’t eat. Thyroid cats do. Cancer cats usually don’t either. Yes the free t4 can be expensive but it’s the confirmation test. Good luck.


IIRC, they did that after the initial bloodwork and it didn’t indicate hyperthyroidism. She said that the thyroid felt slightly enlarged but not conclusive.

When the topic of hyperthyroidism came up, she suggested that if he responded well to medication, a permanent solution of radioactive iodine was an option. But I’d likely have to go to Cornell (unless there’s someplace closer) for that and leave him there for a few days. 90+ minute drive each way. I think I’d insist upon a sedative for him for that, he freaks out for the 25 minutes to the vet (and 15 minutes for our previous vet).


So, they do the free T4 tests on cats too, huh? I think they take methimazole too?

@dakboy, if hyperthyroidism in cats is as similar to hyperthyroidism in humans as it seems, you may want to think hard about the radioactive iodine treatment. If it works the same way it was explained to me when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease (hyperthyroidism), once the thyroid is destroyed by the treatment, he’ll still have to be on medication for the rest of his life (because he’ll be hypothyroid instead of hyperthyroid).


As the vet explained it to me, they’d only give enough that the “extra” thyroid tissue would be destroyed and he’d be medication-free.

But at this point, I still know nothing. the bloodwork doesn’t indicate hyperthyroidism but everything else screams it based on what I’ve read.


Huh. I didn’t think it worked like that. You can have surgery to remove part of the thyroid, but I thought the radioactive iodine treatment was all or nothing.


I would not do the radioactive treatment. The tissue that is left can grow back, and if they take too much you may have to give pills to replace the hormone. Also, they have radioactive urine and feces for at least a week afterward which is not awesome in a house with children. Giving methimazole twice daily with monitoring blood work is a much more feasible option. But if you got hazmat suits just waiting to be used and a grand or two laying around collecting dust, then by all means… :grimacing:


Yeah, the several days staying at Cornell is due to the radioactive poop.

For now, he’s got Stage 2 kidney disease and going on a special diet. After 6-8 weeks of that, follow-up tests to see what’s going on.

Vet said she’s pretty sure his thyroid is out of whack based on symptoms despite what the bloodwork showed, but she’s treating things in stages right now to see what works instead of making multiple changes at once.