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Um, that’s the actual RSPCA guideline for when you move cats to a new home. Make sure they’re kept in a close environment except when you’re with them. It gets them used to the new smells, makes them associate them with home, and shows that when they’re out and about in the new home that you’ll be there to keep them happy, pet them and feed them. Having a volunteer flip out at something that’s recommended by one of the largest pet charities in the world shows a subtle yet scary level of ignorance…


Yes. She almost refused to give me the kittens, insisting that you “can’t cage cats! It’s cruel!”


Um so… where were they keeping the kittens at the shelter? A papoose?


This person styled herself as a rescue, but I don’t think she knew what she was doing, at least with kittens. She had a lot of dogs, so it’s possible that she was just a dog person. Widget and Usagi were about five weeks old and kept in a cage in a barn.


Pretty sure the dog is now tearing apart (in his sleep) whatever it is he just ran down and caught (in his sleep). I’m glad he gets exercise while he’s sleeping, because laying around the house is pretty much all he does… :smiley:


Yeah, Noodle has several distinctive sets of sleeping noises. Beyond ‘breathing’ which we’re generally happy about, the low level is “meeping” as I call it, which is not quite a full bark and more of a squeak noise that sounds more like something a guinea pig might make.

Moving up from that he’ll add in quiet growls and such.

Lately he’s started to have a rare louder bark. If he wasn’t on his side asleep I’d wonder what he saw outside. These are almost totally voiced barks, maybe 75% of his normal barking volume.


There are fewer funnier things my dog does than to wake herself up when she’s sleeping by barking.


I once saw my sister’s old golden retriever wake himself up by farting. It was hilarious.


I’ve done that to myself. That’s funny.

And then my wife woke up because I was laughing and started gagging. That’s one of the ways I know she really loves me, she hasn’t left yet.


We also had a golden retriever when I was much younger. One time late in his life, he farted as he was getting into his basket and hurriedly got out again, while my family and I were at the dinner table. We were all extremely amused.


When I first met my wife she had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was a lovable dog, but completely brainless*. He was notorious for letting rip extremely loudly and noxiously, then running off looking extremely offended and looking at everybody else as if it were their fault.

* I think he might actually have set the standard for brainless. My wife did an intelligence test where you show the dog a biscuit, and put a cup on top of it. The dog pushed the cup with his nose, pushed it off the biscuit, carried on pushing it around in a circle and ended up pushing it back on top of the biscuit again.


Someone’s racing pigeon hit my garage. I have managed to capture the injured bird, and thanks to the internet and a band number, I have left a message for the owner, who should be contacting me soon to pick the poor thing up.


The pigeon is back with his owner.

Edit: Apparently a hawk attacked this poor guys pigeons. I think he lost several of them. This one was being chased by something, probably the hawk, when it slammed into my garage.


Poor baby…


The pigeon, the hawk, the pigeon’s owner, or @Nabiki?



Or my cat, that didn’t get to eat the injured pigeon?


I used to have a co-worker that retired about a decade ago who raced pigeons. The slower pigeons he would make into pigeon soup that he used to bring to work once in a while. It was always delicious.


I found my cat.

Yesterday I took one of the cats to the vet for his vaccinations. This morning, he’s a bit lethargic, no surprise. I got home from work, and couldn’t find him anywhere. I spent about twenty minutes calling his name, looking under beds, on chairs, in closets, under dressers, etc. Then I found him. In my hermit crab tank.


Important question: How are the hermit crabs taking this?


Luckily, the tank hasn’t been inhabited for a while now. It’s still set up for them, though.