Kim Jong-Un thread

At last some news started to emerge regarding Kim Jong-Un.

May be propaganda, or a cover-up.

Possibly Kim Jong Un after a heart op. Details are still sketchy.

If anybody have confirmation from a reliable source, do post.

Apparently there may have been issues with the surgery because the doctor wasn’t used to working with people of larger girth. He was also shaking so bad because he didn’t want to be shot with an anti-aircraft gun or fed to dogs.

I hope he’s ok. By all reports he’s a despotic sociopathic playboy who loves everything American except America. She appears to be much worse, and just hates the West in general.

We will have to wait and see what his sister is like…

Yup. At this point he’s Schrodinger’s cat, and NK is the box…

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@Nabiki - split off this thread to a Kim Jong-Un schrodinger theorem.


Schrodinger’s dictator?


I’m just going to put this here. Everything is pure speculation at this point.