It's time for a new smart phone


I have a portable hard drive with 50k songs on it.I’m out of luck any way you look at it.


Even if money was no object, I don’t think there are 50k songs I’d be willing to pay for. Your musical tastes must be seriously eclectic.


I have a friend who is a DJ, it’s four decades of music. It’s everything, and then about 5k of it I grabbed in the 90’s from newsgroups and Napster of whatever I could grab and share.

So yeah, money not so much an object. And I listen to everything, except the 20 some albums of Elvis I have on there.


Gosh, he went to eclectic and I immediately thought “nah, it’s bc we are old” :joy: I wish I could get all the music I have ripped, let alone onto my phone. Maybe a winter project. :thinking:


I’m 52. There are times, like today, where that actually is old.


I do have CDs and LPs going back decades too, and I keep looking at them and wondering what the hell to do with them.


So, I decided on the LG G7 ThinQ.

I went to the Verizon store to take a look at the ones I was interested in, and they had the Samsung S9 & S9+, but not the LG. I ended up going to the Sprint store across the street to take a look at it. I don’t care for the notch at the top of the LG, and the Samsungs are prettier phones, but the LG is a bit smaller and has specs every bit as good as the Samsung for about $200 less.

I ordered it yesterday, and I got the ship notification almost immediately. It’s supposed to arrive today.


Let me know how you like it. I’m set on the pixel 3 bc I’ve used my friends at and really like it, but dd is coming over to Android from the dark side and she’s having trouble deciding which Project Fi ready phone she wants. She just knows she does not want the pixel, even though it seems to be the most iphone-like of all the choices… :roll_eyes::thinking:🤷


I’m charging it up now. Once it’s charged, I’ll swap out the SIM from my old phone and put the microSD card in with my music. I then need to enable the developer options and rip out some crapware, then I’ll let you know.


My impressions so far:

  • It’s much, much faster than my HTC 10 (Not a suprise, I guess, since my old phone is over 2 years old)
  • The notch and the bottom menu that don’t go away are less annoying when you realize that the height of the screen more than makes up for them. It still gets more screen real estate than the HTC 10.
  • It changes networks much faster than my old device. Much smoother change between WAPs and wireless to data.
  • Disadvantage - when I change from providing to hotspot, it does not automatically turn my wireless back on like my HTC 10 did. I accidentally burned through most of my data plan last night after setting that up then downloading my apps.

Edit: I’m now at 9% charge since I charged it up yesterday. Decent battery life, considering how much Pokemon Go I play.
You can tap a little icon at the bottom and hide the Home touch buttons, adjust the game graphics, take a screenshot, disable alerts during game, or “take a break” which I’m not sure what that means, but it has a battery with a line through it.
Ah. Take a Break reduces brightness and performance until you start playing the game again.

More editing:
The screen isn’t as bright as the HTC, but I’m okay with that, since I always had the screen dimmed on the old phone anyways. I dim the screen on this one too, but not as much.
I’m really liking the fingerprint unlock.


$wife need a new phone.

Fortunately the 10" tablet contract is due for renewal in 2 months. Will get a phone instead and give that to $wife as her Galaxy Neo is getting close to the Country of Foo.

Tole her not to go for Sagsmug tat back then, but now I gets to choose the phone, and it will not be a sagsmug. Candidates are Huawei, crApple (if affordable enough, else nein) and Sony. Not sure about LG quality tho.


I barely use my iPhone for anything, but my impression is the design philosophy is a mix of “are you sure?” and “I’ll just assume you want to do that”.

  • Want to unlock the phone? Press the button twice. The first time you press it, I’ll tell you to “try again”, which implies you didn’t do it right the first time.
  • Type in a wrong digit on the passcode to unlock the phone and accidentally hit delete enough times to go past the first digit? That must mean you want to abort unlocking it.
  • Want to look at the details of the number that called you recently? You must mean that you want to call them back and I’ll start dialing it for you.
  • Want to be able to read the names of the streets on the map without a magnifying glass? Keep zooming in until you get to the building level, and then I’ll enlarge the font used for labeling the streets.
  • Want to move an icon around on the home screen? You can’t just hold your finger down on it until it indicates you can move it. You have to lightly touch it, let go, then you can move it. While you’re figuring out where to move them, you can watch all of the icons bounce around in a cutesy way.
  • Oh, you’re taking pictures? You obviously want them to be Live Photos, which makes the file sizes larger because they’re video clips instead of just a single picture. By the way, you’re out of iCloud space, but luckily for you, you can pay a monthly fee to get more storage space.
  • Want to do a reboot instead of shutting off your phone? Here’s the convoluted sequence of buttons on the side of the phone you have to hold down just right, and even then, good luck in getting it to work.

In trying to make things simple by having only one button on the screen, I think Apple actually makes it harder. The Android phone I have from work seems to do things in a way that makes more sense.


I have an S9+, this phone is the largest I have ever had, it is almost to big for my pockets. One of the best features for me is the custom audio setup that you can do to compensate for your hearing loss. First time I listened to something with my headphones It was a HUGE difference, let alone tv shows and movies


That stuff highlights the problems I’ve always had with Apple products. We’ll do it my way thanks, I don’t care what you want because I know best.
It’s the same with iTunes. You’re installing me? Great that must mean you want me to do everything music and video related so I’ll just go ahead and reconfigure your PC so there’s no way you can use any other product (one of the most common complaints about RealPlayer back when they existed).


Based on the above, I’ll abort buying an iThing for $wife, don’t want to have issues, and keep my limbs all intact.


I’m thinking of replacing my Pixel XL with a flip phone. Yes they still make them. I’ve deleted most things off my phone except for music and some shows that get watched. Basically I really only use my phone as a head unit in my truck. I could make most of that offline or at most use the flip phone as a hot spot. There’s something to be said about getting rid of some of the technical distractions I have.


Your problems sound like they stem from having 3d touch on. Try turning that off.
As for the live photo, go to settings, to camera, then to preserve settings, and turn of live photos, now it wont auto default to it ( you still have to turn it off in the camera app then never again).
Ive never had a problem with any of the iPhone’s(don’t get me started on the shit show that is Itunes).
I even just got (because my job will pay for it) the iPhone XS max. I see peoples points with apple, but i don’t understand why people are die hard android.


For me, it’s the possibility of being able to do things like root my phone, reskin it, throw on other launchers to change behaviors or where things are located, etc. Even if I don’t do those things now, I have the potential to do so later. (I prolonged one phone’s life by a good year or so a while back by rooting it and throwing CyanogenMod on it)

iDevices are just so locked into the Apple Look and Feel™ that it bugs me to no end. It’s also why I tend to avoid carrier-locked phones and go for Nexus/Pixel devices, since they have none of that extra crapware on them and are just vanilla Android, ripe for customizing.


Johtoguy, I will double-check, but I think I already changed the preserve settings setting. During this last round of photos I took, I’d close the camera app and lock the phone to save the battery in between stops for pictuers. The first thing I had to do each time I opened the app back up was tap on the icon at the top to make “LIVE OFF” appear, so it kept going back into Live Photo mode when it shut down.

So since I’m on a griping roll about iOS, here’s some more:

  • It is nearly impossible to adjust the URL of a website without using an external Bluetooth keyboard. I just cannot get the cursor positioned where I need to with my finger. It likes to activate the select mode or won’t fine-adjust the cursor one character at a time, necessitating having to delete and re-type to get the cursor to the correct spot. If the URL is longer than the field can fit on screen, it won’t scroll over to it. I sometimes have to change the URL to activate certain features for some wikis I manage.
  • Scrolling up/down or left/right can only be done when the web page is perfectly still. For example, if you swipe up or down, you have to wait until the scrolling comes to a complete stop before you can move the page left/right. Scrolling a web page on my Android phone seems to be omnidirectional. This becomes important when you have to zoom in in order to read something on the page. I lost track of the number of times I had to re-zoom in/out because because the web browser kept snapping the zoom back to where it was before I tried adjusting it.
  • Copy and paste does not seem to always work between apps. Reminds me of how Excel works. If you’ve got a cell tagged for copying and you switch to a different program to do something else, Excel un-selects that cell and erases what’s in the clip board.
  • I found a program that will let me copy some things to/from the iPhone without using iTunes, but so far it only handles pictures, videos and music. I wound up having to email a PDF file and an HTML file to my iPhone to get it over there.
  • I couldn’t save the files out of the email where I wanted them (no “create new folder” option), so I was stuck dumping them into “Pages”. Then Pages insisted on being the app that opens them, instead of using a web browser or a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader.
  • Apparently, Voice Memos will use your physical location as the file name in some cases. Can’t rename them, as far as I can tell.

I’ll say this for my Android phone: When I plug it into a Windows computer, the only extra thing I’ve ever had to do is change the USB connection to the “file transfer” mode. After that, the entire file structure is visible. I can copy/move/delete/rename files as I want to, which means I can do my own backup of my files that doesn’t require a subscription to a cloud service. I can get files to open with the app I want them to, not what the OS manufacturer forces me to use. And the next trip I go on, I’m taking an old Samsung tablet along with me and just using the iPhone as a hotspot.

Steve Jobs used to say, “It just works.” Maybe that’s true if you let Apple decide what you do with your smartphone. But if you want more control over how your data gets to and from the phone, along with what programs you view that data with, for me, “Android just works.”


This. Android just works the way I want it to. Several times, I’ve told someone “Do X on your phone” and they replied with “My iPhone won’t do that.”
[StrongBad voice] Aww. Too bad for you.