It doesn't even have a power cord!

Just received a message from one of my (more annoying) users:

[2016-08-26, 10:42:40 AM] Tom: Hi $Guido, I know I need to create a ticket for this request, but I just ask you directly anyways :wink:

Do we have a measure tape in the office?

I just… no.

(English is not Tom’s first language, so I forgive him for the grammar…)

Ummm… wow. I’ve had some weird requests come in, but that’s a new one.

[nasty voice]Whut? $luser want to measure a todger? [/nasty voice]

First time I’ve heard of a ticket requesting a measuring tape…

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Get one of these for the office.,43513,65359

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IT has tools. Thus, go to IT when you need tools.

I have a measuring tape in my work bag, but it’s maybe 3-4 feet as it’s a tiny promo tape from a game company.

Today we had someone phone tech support asking if we could send them cable ties because the signal booster box had a “boingy power cable”.

I had to raise the ticket. It’s company policy. The note went something like this:

Cyan is the company colour.

People will always ask for weird things in weird ways.

Well, in my office…

We’re still a small company - just over 100 employees globally, roughly 35 in my office. So, sometimes you wear more than one hat.

I’m a tool guy, AND IT, so yeah… I have the tool box, and a tape measure.

Tole somebody to FOAD when a request was made for a small Philips screwdriver. Said person was not happy, but it is not my problem as said person havent returned another screwdriver previously borrowed

When I had my first real job after teh Army I worked in the mailroom. The main copier was there, and the fax was there. Neither of which were my problem. But whenever someone couldn’t get it to work they asked me to fix it. Turned out I had a small ability at it, and thus started my career in IT.

Turns out I’m slightly better at talking to people than fixing things, so then started my career in a numbers based sales admin position.

But seriously, because I’m a guy, and I work in the same room I’m supposed to be able to read the directions printed on the copier better than you?


Yes, because they’re pictographic illiterate and refuse to make the slightest effort, so a guy with attention to detail is for sure going to do it better.