iPhone fun




derp durr, how stupid…



Found this old one :


By the Gods, I kid you not, someone on my team had someone phone in after doing that. They asked if it would be covered under insurance. Um no, malicious damage does not get you a new iPhone sir. We can send you a company-branded Huwaii for you to use for the next 23 months.




It wasn’t malicious on the part of the user… but that level of stupidity / gullible is, geez, I dunno, criminal? obscene? mind boggling at a minimum.


But, but, but… It’s got Apple’s copyright on it, so it must be true!


I see your Picard face-palm and raise you a Pink Floyd face-palm.


spotted this on El Reg today :


dafuq does “Soz” mean?


Think it means sorry.


I’ve never been a frequent reader, but did the Register make a decision to go more clickbait-y at some point? Massive staff turnover or something? BOFH doesn’t seem to make the front page, either.


El Reg still publishes? Oh dear. I used to quite like two of their columnists before they went to clickbait.

Also both those headlines are incorrect.

Also also yes, soz is a colloquial abbreviation for sorry.


I like Dabbsy’s columns and the occasional BOFH

But now that you’ve mentioned it, clickbait headlines…