Interest in a new vanilla minecraft server?


I did a few minutes of googling and picked a host that had a web interface I liked and a price that didn’t make me roll my eyes, but I didn’t read too many reviews—I figured since I wanted to run straight vanilla with a low player volume that pretty much anywhere would work A-OK.

I picked an “Orion” level host at this place, which had the most RAM (since my recollection is that RAM is most critical to a minecraft server).

I thought about rolling up one myself—I actually have a server on the LAN here that I’d been poking around with—but I wanted to have a livemap and once I went down the road to getting that set up, all the old server management PTSD came back and I decided to not bother with self-hosting.

edit - basically exactly what @balance said :smiley:


Hi Woodsman! I’m the Jeff from the server (from arstechnica). Been enjoying myself and your area (esp the jack o lantern and torch lit up areas) is great.

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Woodsman I found an unattended horsie in a pen in the village way way Z to your area. I took it, but can give if back if it was yours!


Yo I’d love to join this server I love playing minecraft in lil communities. My IGN is BigXee


You might want to see Lee’s response above.

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I returned that horsie to Huntsman’s horse pen (he has a better/gold armored horsie there), but I may borrow the lesser horsie if I decide to romp across the map to the other undiscovered player area (the WWW map shows a big house and some development there)…

(edit to add) … this returning was NOT a trivial thing. Due to not enough folks on the server, every time I went into the world it was NIGHT, and I kept falling down into “pit” like areas, and eventually I toughed it out, and there were lots and lots of water areas…water and minecraft-horsie are a PITA (when water is deep enough for horse to sink a bit, they throw you off the horse and you have to re-mount it…but as a small convenience the horse never drowns and is always walking on the water’s surface…yet it’s still an inconvenience).


My kids talked me into installing a shader pack for them and holy crap it makes the game look amazing even with vanilla textures.

My laptop is optimized for battery life and weight; passively cooled, half an inch thick. It is not a powerhouse by any stretch, so just straight Minecraft with Optifine and details turned down is about all I can do. But stuff like this makes me want to buy a beefier machine when it finally dies.


Optifine has a basic shader with it. I’ve found it’s not too big of a load.

The shaders are all really cool, for about 10 minutes, and then Minecrafts many lighting issues really show up to play.


George is my horse Jeff. Don’t sweat borrowing any others.


Thanks! Looks like the server might be down (the map is offline). Haven’t heard anything from Lee but I’ve been busy anyway. Anyway I try to be respectful of folks’ areas. I did climb your stratospheric tree house but didn’t see a way in and didn’t want to use the pickaxe to get in…


That’s a mob farm. Stand about 25 blocks below the top and it will spawn mobs who will be flushed off the platform and die in the ground below.

Great way to get arrows, bones, and gunpowder.

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Everyone but especially @Woodman! (And @jeff3f but I also posted this on Ars so he probably saw it there) - we’ve moved servers!

I’ve transplanted the map, so all your stuff should come along to the new server unchanged.

Server name: (

Livemap: (no hostname yet for Reasons, but will fix that as soon as i can)
Livemap currently offline until CraftBukkit + DynMap both formally support 1.14.

So no livemap for now, but we’ll get it back in the next month or so as plugins update. For now, get your clients up to 1.14 and go nuts!


So, I run a Spigot server for my youth group kids.

I upped it to 1.14, and I’m thinking I shouldn’t have yet. The chunk loading is a bit borked and a couple other things don’t seem right.

I had to drop dynamap, and groupessentials. But EssentialsX seems to be working. I’ve replaced the sleep plugin with a data pack that does the same thing.

People are expecting a 1.14.1 to drop any day now, so I’m thinking most plugins are slowrolling it out.

I also added a data pack that makes those flying things bigger and stronger the longer you don’t sleep. Till at like 100 days it’s this huge like 20 block wide monstrosity.


Woodsman I borrowed a few (I think 11) diamonds from you I hope it’s OK. will pay back (will get that stack back to 64). My entire ‘house’ was deleted in the server switch (64x64 block area around 0,0 went back to ‘nature’. I spawned inside the mountain and died right off! So I wanted to get a head start on all the mining grinding. Some (but not all) of my mines were still there, but luckily some are un-mined again so can be re-mined now. Will eventually bring back the lava waterfall and the glassed in top floor, but I’m back to square one with the whole thing and some stuff will do differently. Your horses appear unfazed.

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