Interest in a new vanilla minecraft server?


It’s in a corral with villagers around it and plenty of grass… and full iron armor. whups.


I should really check what thread I am in before panicking :laughing:


Add please! I’m venya058. The kids and I have recently got back into vanilla Minecraft but our server is in the garage disconnected right now.


You’re in like Flynn!


You guys might also see an account named “Vocalkiller” on there—that’s a fellow I know IRL.


OK, I’ve got the XP farm and enchanting table ready. My cooked chicken farm is running, and I’ve got an AFK fishing hole built.

I think next is some pumpkin watermelon and kelp farms.

Then time to capture some villages and make a trading post and some other farms.


Still can’t get out of my driveway, so I may have some more time to play today.


Like your treehouse. I didn’t notice it was there for a while.

I lit it up for you.


I was interrupted before I could do more than lay down the first floor. It will be a proper house given a little time.


Damn… reading through this thread is making me rethink my stance on buying Minecraft… :slight_smile:


Wish I had more time to play, but it’s been a weird week.


I’m having loads of fun. I like showing off all my silly automated farms. Finished a small kelp farm today.

And this time I’m trying to make it look nice too.


I might have built a giant tree, pay no attention, it’s a work in progress.


Your mad automation skills are a little frightening.


My cows are all gone.

And there is this huge tree house blocking my view now. :slight_smile:

And compared to some of the videos I watch I’m a total amateur.


Meanwhile I’m over here blowing up underwater caves with TNT because WOOOOOO


Im interested in playing some vanilla MC,
Could you put me on the whitelist?
My name in minecraft is Majorford


Sorry, I’m not going to add anyone who isn’t a forum regular. However, there are plenty of other great public minecraft servers to join!


@Lee_Ars, did you do some research before picking that host? Do you mind letting me know what level you picked?

I’m looking at starting one for our church youth group. I’ve found some that are cheaper but this place does seem to have a bit more polish to it than others. I’m taking a poll to see how many are even interested.


Not sure, but I think he ran his own on previous incarnations, so I’m guessing a Big Deal feature was ease of setup: He didn’t need to spend time to get goodies like the map working.

One thing you may need to look for is mod support: I think he’s trusting us all to not be trolls, but there’s no intrinsic protections that mods might offer, such as making the Spawn area ‘locked’ to prevent editing and such.