Interest in a new vanilla minecraft server?


It’s been a few years, but i’m starting to get that itch again.

If I stood up a new Minecraft server, would any of you guys be interested in logging on from time to time? It wouldn’t be huge or high-capacity—just enough for a dozen or so players at any given time. Probably wouldn’t be running a map or anything fancy.

I just kinda want to play diggy-buildy for a while.


I might reinstall minecraft if you start a server, yes.

I was just thinking about my idea of implementing some classic old D&D dungeons as walk-throughs in MC.


I’m in. Word count


It might give me the impetus to figure out what Minecraft is all about.


All right, drop your minecraft usernames into this thread and i’ll whitelist as i see 'em!

server is:

This is a vanilla 1.13.2 jar-based server with no mods or anything, because i like to kick it old school. There is one config tweak: I set it to allow a build height up to 500, because 256 is too low. …not sure why that tweak isn’t working, but it isn’t working. :frowning: Will mess with it.

The server is in survival mode, but I’ll just add everyone as operators and you can enable or disable creative mode for yourselves as you like with /gamemode creative yourname and /gamemode survival yourname.

There’s a livemap, too, though I just enabled it, so it may need a day or more to figure itself out.

(I just grabbed an account at because they were cheap, so I can’t take credit for the setup!)


Does it need to be 512? I’ve never minecrafted, so I really don’t know.


It’s all managed through the hosted web interface, so it’s just a dropdown to pick. Not sure what the problem is, but I’ll screw with it over the weekend, probably.


I was thinking the same thing.


Me three. My nephew was all about it before he got into Fortnite but I’ve never played it.


I need minecraft account names so that I can add you to the whitelist so you guys can log in. Post account names and I’ll make it happen :smiley:


Ive never really given mine craft a swing, I ended up playing a game called 7Days to Die.

That said i own like 4 copies of mine craft. the micosoft account tied to mine is JohtoGuy11 or its johtoguy


I need to check what mine is. And make sure it works as I haven’t played it in a couple years.


@JohtoGuy - I get a “not found” error on both those names.

This is classic java only. You’ll need an actual old-school minecraft account, which you’ll have if you actually bought the real version of minecraft. If you bought the dumb version, you might not be able to play.

See the Minecraft version differences chart.


OHHHHHHHHHH yeah no i have the dumb versions


I don’t have any versions. I’ll have to look into it.


@Force10 - if you want to jump in, this is what you need to buy right here.


Thanks @Lee_Ars. I think that puts me out, though - if I’m going to spend that kind of money, I’m going to go for the TQ Ragnarok expansion. :slight_smile:


C’mon, it’s potentially literally hours of your life lost!

I’m going to brag for Internet credit here and say I bought it way back when it was something like $11.00. The original pricing was some sort of holdover deal and was very reasonable while it was in “beta” compared to today…


Woodman668 is what I think my minecraft name is.


Hopefully it’s not recording every time I mash the join button.