Ingress - The real world game


I hit level 10 after work on Friday! The road to eleven, however, will be a long one.


I’m closing in on L4, I just gained 10K AP this weekend without too much effort. Got invited to play w/ a group of people downtown on lunch, and I’m getting close to creating a few fields if I can hold a few positions for another day or so.


This “game” is starting to become a bit of a timesuck. My 35-minute commute has become 60, and yesterday it was closer to 80.

Downtown near my office is in a constant state of turmoil. There are at least a half-dozen agents on each side working before & after work, as well as lunch hours. Fortunately we’ve got multiple high-level people on our side (at least on L9 and one L14), but that really just means we can neutralize & reclaim portals quicker.On a quiet weekend day (in the hopes that the opposition isn’t around), with a good bit of planning and a solid number of operatives, one could set up some immensely layered fields.

Closer to home, I seem to only have tourists to compete with, very little “regular” traffic. I’ve held a couple of portals with minimal effort for nearly 2 weeks now.


Oh yeah, it now takes me 2-3 times as long as it should to get home most days. One of my buddies leaves for work 45 minutes earlier than he needs to - beats some traffic and ends up getting in even more playing time than that.
The area I’m in is pretty hotly contested. Both sides have been aggressively recruiting, too, so it is likely to stay volatile. Right now, we’re all preparing for the anomaly - Galveston is one of the secondary sites this weekend!


Ingress Merch for when you take down your next portal.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the Mug of XM to become available for sale. Totally wantz that!


I lost my (planned) guardian at 41 days last night. I wasn’t able to get to my phone quick enough to recharge while it was being attacked.


Although it sounds fun and cool, I am so glad I do not play this game. I have enough time-leeches these days.


I agree. I fired it up and it does have it’s interesting aspects. It gets you out and about and you see some things you might not see otherwise or have known was there. But good lord, it’s just a game and put the damn thing down. A cow-irker of mine has it open on his phone on his desk for most of the day. I assume for the chat since he never moves out of his chair. But when we go to lunch, he always has it open. Even when he’s driving. The other day we were coming back from lunch and he stretched across the car to the other door to try and get a target on that side of the street.


I can’t say that I’ve never done that.


That’s, uh…dangerous?


He wasn’t driving that time. But he has been known to veer off when we’re walking someplace to get a target.


Time to go get some uniques! I’m flying to the Boston area today for work. It is going to be a quick trip, but I hope to get at least a couple hundred unique hacks.

Also, discourse says I’m too chatty in here. Awww.


I made level 10 this weekend. 11 is going to be a long, difficult slog as I don’t travel much. I’m on the brink of getting my silver badge for fields (completing the silvers I need for L11), but a long way from the two additional gold badges I still need.

I’m still waiting on portals I submitted last summer to be approved or rejected. More recently-submitted stuff has been actioned, so I’m wondering what’s going on with mine.


Nice, congrats! I’m also stuck at #Forever10. The badges gold and higher badges are hard to achieve if you have a life. One of my Ingress friends here, who decided against having a life, went from level 12 to 16 in 3 months, like since October. Unreal. Way too hardcore. I think it has consumed their life. Not healthy.


Yeah, there’s a bunch of guys around here who seemingly think nothing of jumping in the car at 10 PM to run 3 towns over to rebuild a farm or set up a big field while the other team is asleep. I’m just slogging along at this point.


Anyone else find missions to be kind of lame? I get that they needed to add another “dimension” to the game, but here I am waiting for portals I submitted in JULY to be reviewed, and they’re letting in “missions” which can be while parked in a single spot on the side of the road.

I did 8 missions in under 90 minutes over the course of 2 lunch breaks this week at work.And walked less than 3 miles in the process.

People used to submit craploads of portals to get that Seer badge; now they’re submitting crappy missions so people can get the SpecOps badge more easily.


I have not done a mission yet, although there are several in the area that I would like to, when I have the time. All the ones I’ve looked around here require driving, or at least cycling. I haven’t been very social lately, so haven’t heard if peeps are submitting crappy missions here, too.
I submitted a lot of portals last year, but of the ones I’ve heard back on, the accept/reject rate is about 50/50.
I finally got my Onyx Guardian and Recharger badges, but I still need another Gold to hit Level 11.


I lost my Guardian portal today at 119 days. Closing in on the AP for L11, but I’m way behind on badges - I need 2 more gold. I’m 30KM from the gold Trekker, but every other badge I’m either well past gold or have a long, long way to go.


Nice, congrats! I got lucky and got my Onyx Guardian off a portal right off the freeway, but in a not-so-great area of town. I’m usually on the lookout for unique hacks and captures, and captured a park in the hood. :smile:
I have enough AP for L11, but need one more gold badge, which I should have by next week. (Sojourner - one of the new ones, counts consecutive days with hacks)