Infra - indie adventure game

Stumbled upon this, and it really do look good.

If you’re a fan of adventure point and click games, this should be right up your alley.

I’ve watched a few youtube clips (spoilers) and it do look excellent, with a HUGE play area and lots of puzzles to figure out.

So going to buy this end of this month for Ookson and myself to play together.


So how is it? I generally prefer the ‘funny’ point & click adventures, and this one looks a bit more on the serious side.

More importantly, do you feel there’s a sense of trust with the developer? I heard that in a discussion recently: the good games of the golden age of adventure games were set up so you trusted the devs to provide hints and test well enough that game-logic-breaking bugs. A lot of flash games and such betrayed this by having limited testing.

Purchase delayed, we have other expenses that need to be attended to first :frowning: