I like dinosaurs

Just sayin’.


That seems awfully vague. :wink: So, tell us more. Do you prefer ground based, flying, or swimming? Large, small?

On a side note, I find a distinct lack in quantity for dinosaur emoji…

I have no preference. I like them all. Except for velociraptor. They’re mean.

I have a distinct aversion to big, purple dinosaurs. Other than that I don’t mind them.

Just don’t mind them? But we’re on the BigDinosaur forum, you have to like them!

Edit: I have to agree, though. The big purple ones are the worst.

I could Fred Flintstone a rack of bronto ribs, but I really would rather not walk them

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All dinosaurs are awesome!

Seriously, though, when I was buying a domain for me to fiddle around with, everything I could think of was taken. I started thinking about domain names I could buy, and eventually I was like, “Well, fuck it, dinosaurs are pretty awesome. Dinosaur.com? Nope. Dinosaur.org? Nope. Uh…big dinosaur dot com? Nope. Big dinosaur.org? WOO IT’S NOT TAKEN HOLY CRAP BUY BUY BUY!”

It’s worked out—it’s actually been really fun. Gives a neat theme & image to my site :smile: Plus, hey, dinosaurs ARE awesome!


and probably taste like chicken!

Is that a big dinosaur in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? ~giggle~