I just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is well

So, as easily as I slide into the World of Chronicles of George™ it appears I slipped right back out of it. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. I could blame work, or Facebook, or Nick_Burns, or life. But really we all know it’s Woodman’s fault. Or at least I think it was Woodman. Sadly, we seem to have forgotten whose fault it always was, but we know it was somebody. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow I am good. Still cohabitating with the doodyhead and loving him all the more. Back working at the salt mine and haven’t written a word since then. Someday I’ll figure out how to balance those two career choices. Finally got our house fixed up and did the same for my original house. Had Mom living with us for about 4 months and that was a barrel of laughs.

Nick mentioned something about CoG and I leaned over to his laptop and saw all the familiar names and avatars and it made me nostalgic and sad that I lost touch with so many of you. So I thought I’d pop in for a wave and a hug. Had to set up a new account and everything. Really hope everyone is having a grand life and I won’t make any promises to make this a habit again, but hopefully I won’t be gone so long next time.



It likely was my fault. Even if it wasn’t I’m self centered enough to think it was, so there’s that.

There have been quite a few drive bys lately. Welcome, stay awhile, stay forever!!! muhahahahahaha…

Good to see you back!

Huzzah!! It’s TSB! Welcome back!

It’s Techno’s fault. It always was…


Techno!! You’re absolutely right. I fear I’ve caught my mother’s age-related memory loss. It’s frightening to think where I’ll be in another 29 years. :open_mouth:

I wanted to second that hello and hope everyone is well. It’s good to see the community is still here…


Holy crap, a Starrion sighting! How goes, man?

A bit smaller, but yeah, still stringin along.

How goes the ATC world?