I have a weird wifi problem

I have had an account for a few years now and I think it has been long enough since last post that my account was deleted, at least I thought I had a n account here.
I have a Fios router with a bad 5ghtz radio so we have been using the flaky 2.4ghtz radio for internet. Yesterday I got a Linksys router. I have this router set up as with the Fios modem/router still at While we do not loose connection to the Linksys we still loose internet connection. If we connect to the other ghtz channel we get internet back for a few minutes. I have not noticed any problems with streaming but phones and x-box are having some issues. Its almost like the fios router is not letting the internet traffic through to the linksys. I have the radios on the fios turned off and verified through a wifi survey.
I know this router is working better than the fios because I can finally do private listening on my roku without the sound cutting out.
I know most of you are in the IT world and have elaborate setups you use at home and work. Has anyone ever run into this problem?

Do you have the FIOS equipment in Bridge mode? It sounds like you’ve got both of them set up as routers, which will cause problems in a network if both are trying to handle routing duties. See if you can turn off all routing functions in the FIOS equipment and set it into Bridge mode or something to let the Linksys handle all routing.


I knew it would be something easy, The router was already in bridge mode but I did turn of DHCP while I was in. it seems to have worked so far

It actually didn’t fix it.
is there some interference that could be affecting my signals? There is a 2.4mhtz wireless phone but that should not be messing with the 5ghtz signal.

If you have two computers on the wireless, see if they can reliably communicate to each other (through the router). Maybe copy a 2+ GB ISO or something that will take a while, and watch the speed. If it starts dropping badly, the problem is wireless or Linksys related. If not, it could be a problem with more than just the radio in the FIOS.
Also, check the DNS settings on the Linksys. Maybe set them to use a third party DNS, like Google’s (, I believe). We had a problem with Comcast DNS servers not responding to requests at work, so things/pages that should have loaded instantly were taking forever and several tries.

Just after your post I did what you suggested, just got my internet back. I set the Linksys to and lost internet. I set it back and it hung for over 30 minutes. Ended up having to do a reset on the Linksys and the Fios to get everything working again.
My phone is showing good wifi and 4g at the same time,

Strange. Just changing a DNS Server address shouldn’t bork everything. Glad a reset got everything back in sync, though!

I’m glad I did have to do the reset though. When I was doing the resets I did not disconnect the cable between the Fios and the Linksys and everything is working awesome. Its been three days with zero issues.


The only person that doesn’t like it is my nephew, he wasn’t doing his school work. So preseto chango your x-box no longer has internet access.