I broke e-mail, sorry (update: I fixed it!)

Finally migrated the bigdinosaur.org email server out of my closet and onto the dedicated server, but I’ve overcomplexificated things to a ludicrous degree and as a consequence Discourse email no longer works.

Specifically, the problem is that Discourse here runs in a docker container, and to aid my migration from home to datacenter, the email server is an LXC container. I keep a restrictive iptables ruleset on the server, and there’s quite a bit of DNAT and SNAT going on for both LXC and Docker. What’s happening is that there’s no firewall rule in place to allow traffic from the Discourse Docker container to talk to port 587 on the…hmmm…maybe I just need to allow for traffic from one external IP to go to another. Or fuck it, maybe I can do this with interfaces? Source eth0 dest eth0 port 587 -j Accept?

That’s crazy enough to work. Imma go try that right now.

edit - No, that was a stupid idea. Anyway, this is a firewall rules problem and I need to do some reading. Or just sign up for an email forwarding service. That might be easier than tearing into iptables. Hmmmm…

edit^2 - That was easy! Email’s back! Hooray!

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Huh. Turns out I didn’t quite finish the setup over at Mailgun and nothing’s actually been delivered. D’oh.

NOW e-mail should be fixed!

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