I boarded a plane carrying 2 phones, 2 cameras, and a knife

…and I had a great time :smile:

A bit earlier this year, I bid on and ended up winning a ride in a Folland Gnat jet trainer operated by the Vietnam War Flight Museum here in Houston. I ended up doing the flight last weekend and it coincided with me having a Lumia 1520 to review, so I took the phone up with me. I ended up with two video pieces, one just about the ride and one containing some video from the 1520:

I’ve got about 40 minutes of footage, but these are definitely the highlights :slight_smile: My only disappointment is that I got so queasy so quickly—I only lasted through four rolls before I was pretty much ready to hurl, and I had to ask the pilot to tone it down. It was SO COOL, though—I so wish my poor stomach could have taken more!


I would have been sorely tempted to go ahead and push forward and hurl. OTOH, roller coasters can get me icky. On the gripping hand though, I do enjoy that free fall sensation, it’s the just before you fall portion I don’t like.

Lee, you get to do the COOLEST FREAKING THINGS.

Color me jealous.

Puma! Yayyy for CoGers showing up after long absences! Good to see you. :smiley:

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friendly :wave: