I am not normally a fan of flavored coffee

I bought some maple coffee for my wife while I was recently in Massachusetts, having snuck across the border to Massachusetts to break my fast at Parker’s Maple Barn on two occasions. The coffee is excellent, and I may have to buy some more online. Their maple syrup is also, of course, fantastic, and far superior to most fluids claiming that identity which you see in stores.

En route, I saw a now-rare 2.8 Ghia model Mercury Capri hatchback. [Edit: And now that I have “Trusted” status I can post a picture I took.]

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We are Keurig philistines here at Casa Lee, so I typically haver some flavored coffee in the drawer. I keep telling myself that at some point I’m going to get an aeropress and join the ranks of the cool people, but I keep not doing it.

Maybe this winter, when it’s possible to drink coffee without sweating.

I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar. Or flavouring. That’s the reason I rarely drink coffee. I like it with far too many calories added to it.

A year ago, Keurig was what the cool people were drinking. We still use ours, but mostly just to heat up water rapidly for making instant oatmeal or tea. When we make coffee, it’s usually with our reusable filter cup using some other coffee variety.

Mmm… time to sip on my fresh made french press coffee right now. Whee!

While I am gagging down my keurig-produced swill YECCH!


Honestly, it’s not awful—or, at least, I thought it wasn’t awful. When I was vacationing last January, my dad brought along some freshly-roasted African beans he had been gifted by someone at his office. We ground those and brewed in a drip-brewer every morning, and it was a totally different experience from any kind of coffee I’d ever tasted—mellow, flavorful, ridiculously awesome. If that’s what coffee is supposed to taste like…well, I need to start grinding my own beans.

My aunt and uncle were the same way. They ground their own beans, because that is the way it’s supposed to taste.

I love Costa Rican coffee, and can absolutely tell the difference between fresh ground and other. But I also make my coffee at 0500 and dare not wake the children with a grinder. If I got too picky, I’d never get to drink coffee at all. At work, I count it a victory if I can get them to use filtered water.

I use a regular mark I mod 0 drip coffee maker. I buy generic Kirkland coffee from Costco. Judge away.

Also, as a WA native son, I’d like to apologize for Starbucks. I don’t know what happened or how that became popular.

Mmm… Coffee. I think I’m going to go get my first cup of coffee in… Let me think… About three months?

French press is the way to go for at-home settings. Ooh, or there’s the pour-over. Or, even better, the siphon (only one coffee shop here in Orange County I know of that does this). My sister-in-law brought over some Maple Bacon Coffee that was great. Not very bacon-y in flavor, but tasty nonetheless. I typically go for lighter roasted coffees, though I can appreciate a darker roast. That said, I cannot stand the cremated disaster that is called French Roast. As Ralph would put it, “It tastes like burning!”

+1 for a French Press, I have a travel cup with one built in that’s pretty cool, but just a little too over the top most of the time. I grind my own beans, but I’ve been looking at roasting my own too. That might be a bridge too far.

I’ve gotten hooked on iced coffee at home, and learned why my iced coffee always sucked before. The secret is to cold brew the coffee in the first place.

Okay, please tell me how to do this, @Woodman. I’ve always wondered why my iced coffee sucked.

Sorry, didn’t mean to leave a cliffhanger.

I do this in half batches. Splenda works as a sweetener instead of sugar, and so does honey. I need to make some tonight so I have a supply for the weekend.

Thanks @Woodman, I’ll have to give that method a try.

Definitely going to give this a try myself. Iced coffee has been much more of a pick-me-up than hot (I actually can fall asleep much easier after a cup of hot coffee). Thanks, @Woodman.

Made a half batch of the recipe (which is still quite a lot, mind you) and I’m sold already. No bitterness. No funky aftertaste. Just good, clean coffee flavor. Thank you, @Woodman.

And it’s awesome because it works with shitty coffee almost as well as with good coffee. My current batch was made from a can of Kroger’s can coffee.

@PadrinoFive7 I’m glad you like it. It works really well with fresh beans too, or sort of fresh, I don’t waste my $10 a pound coffee on it, but the Costco brand stuff, and Morning Joe both work really well.

I’m wondering if any extracts could improve the flavor of the coffee. I’m actually a big fan of using Orange Extract in my coffee, but I’m wondering if using it during the cold brewing process would improve or disrupt the flavor of the coffee.

I’ve heard some mint leaves while brewing do something awesome to it. My wife and daughters use those sugar free coffee syrup flavorings.

I have spearmint and mint mint in the garden, just haven’t messed with hit yet.

It’s like less than $2 a gallon to make this crap, try whatever, make more!

Reading this thread is making me want Thai Iced Tea… Iced coffee sounds good, but I will always be more of a tea drinker.