Huawei device issues?

Just weird. Did a factory reset on my Huawei mediapad, all went well, and Google apps are all updated.

When I tried to install apps that were installed previously, I get the “Sorry, I can’t do that, Dave” spiel from the Play store.

Said apps does not appear in the Play store.

When I browsed over (web browser) to, sure enough, the app still is there, but it cannot be installed on my Huawei device.

An example is the gboard (keyboard) and MeWe app - both was working before the reset, but now they just won’t install.

Anybody also havening some sort of issues after doing a factory reset on a Huawei device?

Fallout from Huawei being blocked from the data embargo? (not sure what is the best way to describe that whole mess)

My initial thought as well.

Taking a shufty at f-droid store.