Homeschooling discussion that's not about people dying

In the US you aren’t allowed to have someone else home school your kids except for programs that are licensed to do so. I think it would make a huge difference to the movement if you could trade off with other families to teach kids together.

I agree. One day the kids are with X, the next day with Y and so on.

Will give everybody a breather and get things ready for the next lesson, and maybe do a bit of work for some extra income when the kids are with somebody else.

But, that might work (which isn’t allowed). And one room school rooms would be a thing.

Also, someone would mess it up.

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I suspect there’s a fair bit of variation between states on this issue. In WA, home schooling co-ops are pretty common. There’s no licensing of the teachers, although there’s probably a background check required. Sunbeam will be running a weekly writing class and also the choir next quarter for the group our kids are in.

I’d love to be able to bring in a tutor weekly or more often to focus on specific needs of our kids. Heck, I’d like a tutor for us on homeschooling them more effectively (setting good routines, etc.). They’re amazingly advanced for some things, but barely started in others. They’ll catch up, but just parity with public schools is not exactly the goal we were shooting for.

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Indiana doesn’t like it.