Home Ownership

Um, yeah. That statement doesn’t quite gel with all the other posts you have made in this thread :slight_smile:


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How about discerning? Is that better?

Also, the fans and bed will all need to be done I between previously scheduled engagements like a managers meeting Saturday night, grocery shopping Saturday morning (we have no food, just ask the kids!:roll_eyes:) and Friday night ice skating with the boys. Sometimes going to work is more relaxing than being at my house! :rofl::rofl:

I did none of my things this weekend other than move the boxes into the house. Will try again during the week. Fell on my butt ice skating (kid got his skate somehow caught in my blades and down we went!) so I’m not even gonna try and build a bed for w couple of days at least. :woman_shrugging:

One disadvantage of running the dishwasher overnight while you’re asleep is that you won’t hear the motor starting to fail. I think the heater gave up last year. Time to start looking for a new one.

If the motor broke on my dishwasher my first sign would be my vision dimming, and pain in my chest.

In other news, I’ve been cleaning crud out of the aerator on the bathroom sink for ages… for some reason it never occurred to me that the kitchen sink was having issues with pressure for the same reason. 2 and 2 finally floated together to for 4 and I cleaned it out and its awesome!


Spent half the day working on the boys room. Making myself do it before the laundry room because it’s easy and tbh if I don’t do it before the other rooms up here I’m just gonna keep putting it off. If I work hard I should have the upstairs mostly done by June. Maybe before but that’s my goal. The main floor is going to be harder bc of th two story ceilings and all the stuff that needs to come down from up there. And it’s probably filthy but I’m sure my Dyson will handle that just fine.

Sorted out an entire bookcase full of books, made the boys take the toys downstairs, sorted out two large garbage bags full of clothes, and moved out a bookshelf that I don’t like. Today j need to pull down the old shelving that’s not staying, take down the valence and blindsided, move the furniture to the middle of the room, and patch holes. If I really feel motivated I might start painting but I’m thinking not. That’ll probably be during the week. At least I don’t have to do furniture in this room. Just paint and electrical work.

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Finished the boys’ room. Now onto the laundry room. That one will be simple but not easy. Not much room to work and can’t really move the washer and dryer out of there. Will be interesting that’s for sure!

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Laundry room done. Time for a break from big projects and to start finishing up little things. And vacation. :grin:

Final product, minus decorations



… and washer cycle selector knob?

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Oh yeah, that too. Though since I can use the washer without it, it could be considered decoration as well. :thinking::rofl:


I’d kill to have a washer and dryer in my apartment instead of having to go downstairs.

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Vice grips FTW.


We moved into our house Thanksgiving 2012.

Builder installed a 50 gallon 6-year water heater.

I have a browser tab open to homedepot.com

Do the math :slight_smile:

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “http://www.homedepot.com/” on this server.

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Got the urge to paint some more of the house. We leave on vacation on Tuesday. I work every day btwn now and then except for today. So what am I doing? Why, painting, obviously! What else would I be doing with the only 12 free hours in my week? It’s not like I have to pack, prepare the dogs for boarding, or take care of the yard before we leave for ten days. :woman_shrugging::rofl:

Before pic:

ETA: After

Only a million more square feet of two story walls to go! :scream::muscle:


Gotta go buy a new stove, dishwasher, and fridge this weekend!

All part of our kitchen rebuild project in progress.

While getting ready (Demo date is mid-August) I picked up a demo tool from Amazon… One of the combo crowbar/hammer/scraper kind of deals. Under $30.

For those who want something more… euphemistically named… Check out this ding-dong:

You’ll have to decided yourself what you think of it’s long, firm shaft and impressively large head.

(The reviews are worth a glance, too. I’m not the only one to giggle about it.)


Well, I got the house to myself. Probably going to paint again. :rofl::rofl:

Ronan the Accuser is very interested in said ding-dong.

edit : had a shufty at said comments, and found this gem :

Accidentally bought this for my 8 month old, because it was made by Gerber. Turns out it’s not a toy for infants. The cat won’t even go in the same room as the baby anymore.


Painting for the day done. Recall the previous ugly brown from a few posts up.

Gotta work the next few days. Then I might work on tearing down the window treatments and cleaning up the second story windows and paint as far as I can reach on my 10ft ladder. Getting to the hard parts now…