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I’m a little disappointed that the kitchen faucet we replaced ourselves is noticeably off-square.
On the plus side, the whole kitchen is getting ripped out in 2019, so…


LoL… “Click my nose”


That’s also what we did.

Our kitchen’s drain got blocked and rusted through. To replace it, we have to chisel out part of a couple of walls. Sod that. I drilled a hole and used plastic piping.

As for the rest of the piping - house was over 30 years old, so the piping are due for a major plumber’s bill sooner or later.

So glad it is somebody else’s problem now.

TL;DR: Piping built into the walls is a major PITA to replace when it start to leak.


Well, working on the daughter’s room this week. Everything is painted. Outlets to be replaced after my walk and once the paint dries. Then furniture assembly.

Then, just because things are never smooth, I need to figure out why her fan and light just doesn’t work. Is it the wiring? Is it the motor? Did she cram some weird thing in there and cause it to break? Should be fun. If your idea of fun is tearing apart a fan and guessing what might be wrong. At least I should be able to use a multimeter to be sure that the wiring in the house is good…


Well, yeah… some of us, anyway.


Ceiling fans are, at least, relatively cheap if it needs to be replaced once the power is confirmed.




Yeah, but I have matching fans in the upstairs bedrooms so I’d have to get two bc I can’t handle not matching. :grin: But I’m interested to see if I can fix it. I’m guessing, though, that she really has it fubar’d so thank goodness I got money for new fans. But that’s a project for next week. Maybe.


We’re slowly inching forward on replacing our kitchen. $Wife is freaking out about the cost, I just want to get started. And apparently we already missed the date to get stuff before tariffs caused price hikes.

The reasons for replacing our kitchen are two fold:

  1. We’ve seen some cockroaches in it, and have a feeling there’s some sort of small leaks or messes they’re hanging out in behind the cabinets.
  2. It’d be a hard sell due to wear, being a weird color (like a pale green), and a strange layout that might not even meet current code. We aren’t set on selling, but figure having a nice kitchen is it’s own reward even if we stay here a few more years.

One of the next steps is getting a friendly contractor in to get his opinion. We have two ‘annoying’ tweaks to review:

  1. Rebuilding a bulkhead because we need to remove a pantry to give space between the stove and walls.
  2. We may need to move a door frame about an inch which makes relocating the fridge a lot easier. Not sure how feasible this would be. Even swapping to thinner door frame trim might do the job.

It’s going to be a fun project all spring/summer I’m guessing. Very stressful.


Your kitchen has bulkheads? Do you live on a starship?


I may be using the wrong term, but I’ve seen it used for things like when you have a framework built out from the ceiling to make things look neater/prevent dead space. There’s another term I’m forgetting.


Kitchen remodels are one of the few large home projects where you’ll get your money back (or even profit) when you sell.

We may need to move a door frame about an inch which makes relocating the fridge a lot easier. Not sure how feasible this would be

Moving the door more than “about an inch” may actually be easier, depending on what’s inside the wall. Also, is it a load-bearing wall?


I think you’re looking for “soffit”


I think either are correct, but soffit is probably more common. Could be a regional thing, though.


Ours has the more modern ‘Jefferies tubes’. You should consider the upgrade.


Soffit is probably it. For some reason that is a word that refuses to stick in my brain, much like… Well, I’ll tell you when I remember.


Shit, I’d love if I had Jefferies tubes in my house that things like cabling and heat/AC could be run through.


Gratch and I were talking this morning about new projects. The garage might be the next target. A previous owner put a wall across the back of the garage and made a sort of store room. This of course shortened the length so no the only car that would fit would be a sub-compact. We’ve toyed with the idea of taking it down but the store room is slightly warmer than the rest of the garage and it is ‘useful’. This summer it might finally come down. But of course the scope creep in me is great, so while I’m taking that wall down I want to finish doing the shelves in the garage. But if I’m doing the shelves in the garage I should probably pull the walls off and put insulation in at least the 2 outside walls (maybe the ‘attic’ space too since that’s like 20 mins of work), re-drywall the garage and then put up the shelves. While it’s open I might run better electrical outlets on the one wall and we’d like a slop sink so now would be the time to run water and a drain…


Or just buy a Fiat or Smart Car…

One of our neighbors does flower arranging and has converted most of the back side of their garage into a ‘cool room’ for the flowers.


Decided not to fix it. Because I’d still have to figure out how to paint it. And I’m too lazy for that. Bought new and will put them up this weekend as well as finish her bed. Then it’s onto the laundry room! After that’s done I can start slowly painting all the main areas in the house. It’s coming along… Slowly…