Home Ownership


Rubber too.


That’s basically what I had in mind. The nearest store doesn’t have it but one about 40 mins away has a bunch. And this is something I’ve though to using to re-do the shop.



Dunno how well rubber would hold up with the sun beating down on it for a few years. But it sure would be quieter in the rain!


My house has a metal roof, don’t hear a thing. It’s firmly attached to the old asphalt roof with a damper in between. When I’m working on the gutters or something in the rain it might sound a little louder, but I’ve never noticed it inside.

Better construction methodology give old materials new life. I’m still jonesing for my straw bale house.


I was thinking quieter compared to they typical shed with a metal roof. You can hear the rain ping halfway down the block. Quieter on the house makes sense. I imagine that some of the kit sheds are not terribly sturdy, though.


A guy on my street redid his roof with an asphalt covered metal material. It looks like a traditional asphalt roof, but should last like a metal one. Not cheap, though.


I looked at that. Did the math on the warranty and my age and decided I didn’t care that much.