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Rubber too.


That’s basically what I had in mind. The nearest store doesn’t have it but one about 40 mins away has a bunch. And this is something I’ve though to using to re-do the shop.



Dunno how well rubber would hold up with the sun beating down on it for a few years. But it sure would be quieter in the rain!


My house has a metal roof, don’t hear a thing. It’s firmly attached to the old asphalt roof with a damper in between. When I’m working on the gutters or something in the rain it might sound a little louder, but I’ve never noticed it inside.

Better construction methodology give old materials new life. I’m still jonesing for my straw bale house.


I was thinking quieter compared to they typical shed with a metal roof. You can hear the rain ping halfway down the block. Quieter on the house makes sense. I imagine that some of the kit sheds are not terribly sturdy, though.


A guy on my street redid his roof with an asphalt covered metal material. It looks like a traditional asphalt roof, but should last like a metal one. Not cheap, though.


I looked at that. Did the math on the warranty and my age and decided I didn’t care that much.


Well I ordered all the furniture for my “formal” living room. Putting it together is tomorrow’s project. Getting the itch to paint more but not sure if I want to do the laundry room or the boys room. Boys room will be easier but the laundry room will be more mentally rewarding… :thinking::thinking:


Is it IKEA style furniture?

Paint the laundry room - you will enjoy it more when it is done, and get the pain in the butt one out of the way.


It’s from Overstock, but yeah, kind of. I have some Ikea crates to do this weekend - want to stain them before assembling them. My style is beachy/coastal industrial so I found this stain that weathers like driftwood on Amazon that I’m going to try. Also should be getting my side table deliver from Ikea sometime next week. And I have to put the lamp together. Then this room should be done.

The laundry room will involve taking down cabinets and stuff too… But still… Maybe I will…


Almost done. The crates won’t get done until the weekend, and then tray table early next week. But the chairs, lamp, and sewing machine look just as I had imagined them!!


Went to clean the basement up since the kiddos always make it a mess and it needed done. Kids mentioned earlier that it smelled musty. Went down to find the carpet wet by the wall between the utility room and the main section… :rage: Now to hunt down where it’s coming from…


Well, still don’t know where it’s coming from but it happened again. Either overflow from the heater or humidifier or hot water heater. But that’s new ish so I would be quite irritated if it were that…

Here’s some pics… Anyone dealt with this? Maybe just clean out the drain?


Think it’s the pressure relief valve on the tank. Gonna investigate a little more tomorrow, but thank goodness my bff’s dad runs a plumbing company and will be in my area Tuesday. Free labor ftw! (Note: I do all their dog and cat vet work and they get a major discount on services. Jokes this morning this plumbing thing will go a long way to paying off the $1200 discount they got on their last csection! :flushed:)


Our drain in our laundry room is sort of tight. We should’ve had it done when we had the sewer line done but that’s 20/20 hindsight. The best way to clean those drains according to our plumber is to drain the hot water tank. Turn off the water to the hot water heater. Get a short hose that reaches from the water heater drain to the floor drain and empty the hot water to it. The water should be scalding hot. You can throw some bleach in there too before hand. We usually dump a gallon before and sometimes another gallon while it’s draining. The heat, bleach and pressure should be enough to clean it out. Once it’s done you just close it back up and turn the water back on. You should have hot water again in about an hour. It’s recommended you drain the hot water tank at least once a year, more if you have hard water.


If it is the pressure relief vale, that’s an easy fix… and an important one.

(Doc says: Never skimp on safety equipment boys and girls!)


I’m just going to have Marv come do it all. Watching closely and taking good notes of course. Then I can do it myself. Let me tell you, having a plumber as a friend is amazing. :grin:


I’d just move.


That’s the plan, in the next couple years. :grin:


I picked up some very important basics from a master plumber mentor. The rest of my skills were OJT… old house gives you lots of practice!