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Sauron’s eye hath seen some popcorn?


Briefly discussed the way forward regarding our house building plans with Ookwife.

At the moment we are almost finished with the backfill (building rubble etc) before we will start to level and compact it all. Reason for this is that we are on clay soil, and if you don’t prepare your foundations properly, you’ll get cracks in the walls.

So far everything is going to plan, but slowly as we get funds in to do this then that.


Or Nabiki’s eye… :wink:


@MSUAlexis can you send some of that rain out west?


I wish! It’s so wet here I’m leaving ruts in the yard. Like it’s may instead of almost October. My yard is so lush… :roll_eyes:


I’m like, why am I mowing in August and September, when I didn’t have to mow in May or June.


I mowed yesterday after church. Most of it was barely dry enough, but a few patches are now rutted. It rained hard Saturday morning, and has rained a lot over the past weeks, the rutting was not a big surprise. What was a surprise was how much of the grass was barely green or growing - I was mostly mowing weeds. The dry, hot spells earlier in the summer hurt the grass this season more than I expected.


The dishwasher story is a bit anticlimatic. The TL;DR:

I called Lowe’s installation HQ on Monday as they hadn’t called me in the requisite timeframe yet. Turns out some of what my store had told me wasn’t true. The district service manager was emailed, not called, and didn’t respond. The person I talked to on Monday turned around and called the installer direct. He came out on Thursday and got it installed. Then I had to go back to the store because they had insisted that I buy an installation kit which (surprise!) isn’t needed for this model. So at least I got a refund for that.


“Pest Control” is now our big priority. We’ve seen several roaches in our kitchen recently. We’ve seen the neighbor on that side is having issues.

I think we’ve settled on a short<->long term plan:

  • Immediate fix is some baits and such as well as tightening up our cleanliness regime.
  • Near-term is an exterminator, which we’ve never dealt with at homeowners.
  • Long term is pushing the kitchen remodel we kind of want/need to do anyway up the stack (It’s the least attractive part of the house) as I think part of the issue is hidden behind the old-ass counters and appliances (the bugs seem to be focused on the dishwasher).

Working on the immediate today while $Wife works on the exterminator… I’d push to screw the holidays and try to get the kitchen remodel at least in the planning stage this year, but I have a feeling it’ll be spring.


In our first house we’ve had issues with roaches galore.

Ripped out the cupboards and removed all the tiles (was a piss-poor DIY job BTW) and retiled the whole kitchen together with new cupboards.

No more roaches. Was bliss.

In my bachelor days I was staying in a flat. Roaches for Africa, especially those BIG ones.


I think we’ll end up doing something akin to that. (The heavy remodeling.) Just trying to get it done before Spring even if it sucks for a few weeks.


So months later and I have a floor for the wood shed. That’s it. Due to weather, and social or work events I haven’t gotten too far. Over all, this shouldn’t take more than a weekend. It’s straight 4x8’ open shed. I had the lumber delivered (I’m going to be using that service again I tell you) and managed to get the floor in. I was drilling pilot holes and running 3" screws in so of course I had to switch to my corded drill. But doing the walls and such, no way I’m using screws for that so I picked up a framing nailer from the DIY store and a couple thousand nails. I was going to work on it today but again things popped up so I’ll be starting tomorrow. I should have it ‘mostly’ done by tomorrow night. I’m still thinking about what to do about the paint/stain and what type of roof material to put on it.


And did I any work done on my shed? No. Fuck no and it annoys me to no end.

Framing nailer I bought is a Paslode pneumatic nailer. I went with air driven because I have a decent compressor and I’m tending to avoid battery driven stuff for certain things. I’d rather have to get the compressor out for a quick job than to have a battery driven nailer have to be re-charged every 10 minutes. Anyway, the nailer came with no air fitting so I grabbed an accessories pack while I was there that had a few. Turns out, the nailer takes 3/8" and everything I have is 1/4". The hose is no problem but I could not find a reducer to take the 3/8" down to 1/4". I went to 3 different stores Sunday morning with no luck. A ‘helpful’ employee suggested I grab one out of the pluming aisle. Yeah… I’d rather not have my fitting break and try and kill me thanks.


Now that sucks.


Parts came in and I tested the nailer just fine. Now if only the weather would cooperate and give me a dry day I could get this project to the next stage.


We saw one roach this week. We’re still hand-washing dishes and preparing for the eventual kitchen remodel, which is a massive amount of work.


I finally made headway on the wood shed. I ran out of lumber for the sides but I might just leave them like that. It still needs something for the roof. I’m thinking corrugated or tin.


Looks good!


Look at this too.


When my roof on my coop gives out this is what I’m looking at slapping on top of it.


This item is not available in any stores within 100 miles

Awww. I think I’ve seen fiberglass corrugated roofing around here, though. Seems like asphalt might be more durable?