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Sounds like they need to increase their “dishwasher guy” pool.


Ooooh, they can probably make a movie out of that :smiley:


Bow chicka bow-wow.


Well, there goes $2k.

We had a new roof put on almost 10 years ago when we bought this house, but they did a really shitty jorb. There are a few unfortunate leaks along the front face of our hipped roof, so I just had a good team of guys replace that one side and the flashing around the chimney. That should hold me for a few more years until I can get the whole thing redone.


Kitchen faucet handle is leaking. Cool. Find a YouTube video and figure out how to fix it. Super easy. Except I CANT GET THE MFKNG SHROUD OFF. And so cannot access all the parts I need. Looked to see about just cutting it off and getting an entirely new faucet (since I really want a new one anyway) and the faucet itself seems to be just as concreted on there. Ugh. Been working on trying to loosen it up but my hands are starting to hurt.


Well, I tried vinegar overnight. I tried wd40. I tried brute strength. No luck. Except that with brute strength I managed to crack it. Like, vertically. :woman_facepalming: So I guess I get a new faucet after all! Weekend project!!


Calm down there, She-Ra. :slight_smile:


Just for you @MSUAlexis



Perfect! That is exactly what I need!!


I swear, this dishwasher is cursed. Lowe’s just called to inform me that the installer had a sudden death in the family and will be in touch over the weekend to reschedule. We have “priority” supposedly.

Unfortunate situation but how the crap does Lowe’s not have a backup contractor they can call? I’ve been waiting a month for this damn thing and if I could get someone to come out tomorrow to install one, I’d cancel my order with them.


I’m on my way.


My newest brainstorm should we move and there’s a good space to do this:

2-3 cabinets in the TV area or maybe my office. Glass fronts, large panes, maybe 5-6 inches deep inside. Backer is pegboard or similar (possibly hinged to allow access to cabling space).

Each cabinet will be a mini shadowbox/art display for old game consoles I own. Still accessible should I want to hook them up, but mainly as display pieces. I think I’ve seen some decorative pegs on amazon, which I’ll have to research before committing to this. Probably build it over a wall of more conventional built-ins for media/book storage.


I’ve seen something like this done, but instead of glass-front cabinets they did something like this:


Having no front on allows for the front-plug controller connections to not have to deal with wires getting caught in doors and whatnot, and makes for a nice little niche for each console.


Mine’ll probably be mounted ‘top out’ which makes them less useful, but then I rarely ever really need the NES plugged in, as I go to emulation first most of the time.

I was slightly inspired by these from one of the WDW resort hotels (Pop Century):


The plot thickens.

Lowe’s “installation services” (at their main office) called me to find out how my dishwasher install yesterday went, was everything done satisfactorily, etc.?

Me: No, it wasn’t installed at all.
Lowe’s: I’m sorry, what?
M: Explains the last-minute call from the store, sudden death for the installer, I’ll get a call this weekend supposedly, been waiting a month for the thing, no backup installer contracted by the store
L: I see it’s been exactly one month as of today. This isn’t right, we need to get you this dishwasher install.
M: OK, how do we do that? The store said they only have the one installer.
L: I’m going to call the district service manager and find out what we can do, can I call you back later today?

Still waiting on a call back…


I smell a free dishwasher (or half-priced one) coming to somebody…


Ugh. Gonna rain next few days so should mow. Also need to install the last carriage light outside. And clean the house. And install that faucet. Why are there so many things?? So many things??:tired_face::tired_face::sob:

Here’s hoping the faucet goes well. Nothing else should take more than an hour. But that faucet could be easy, or a disaster. assuming, of course, I can get that shroud off. At least today o can just take top snips to it. :grin:


I AngryTweeted at Lowe’s yesterday and their “Central Production Office” is supposed to be in contact with me within 48 hours.

Can I interest anyone in some :popcorn:?


:popcorn: :eye::popcorn:


/raises grubby paw