Home Ownership


You probably don’t live in a neighbourhood that until recently had a marijuana grower, a major drug dealer and a crack house all on the same block.

Edit: These houses were also built in the early '60s.


The government valuation? Is that for tax purposes?

Here the valuation tracks pretty close to the actual sales price.


Yep. We call it rates, but it is essentially a property tax. It is used by local government to maintain services so people don’t grumble (too much) about paying it.

Property values have been skyrocketing here recently and the govt valuations haven’t really kept up.


I’ve been looking at property in your area. I’m still playing with the idea of moving over there, but I’m not sure how I’d arrange to have a job and such before moving.


Ahhhhhh that would do it.


A lot of places do phone interviews - we have done so in the past from places like England and USA.


@Nabiki - good luck with your plans! :slight_smile:


Eish, that sound bad :frowning: We also had the same issues in the suburb where we used to live before moving to our smallholding.


The neighbourhood has gone down a lot since I’ve lived here, but the last couple of years it has gotten better. The pot grower is gone, the mother of the drug dealers passed away, so they sold the house and left, and the meth house got raided. Last month the known gang member’s house got raided and he got carted off to jail. It’s getting better!


Ours isn’t quite that bad… But it’s trending down, sadly.

However, some of our other neighbors said that before we moved in there was a period where a police officer that lived in the area walked up and down the sidewalks with his shotgun to help keep things quiet.

We’re leaning towards moving. Where is less decided.


Closing the loop on this one…I did get someone to come out and diagnose. Cost me $80-something. Confirmed that the bearings in the pump motor are shot, $300 to replace, or I can spend $400 to replace all of the other stuff that goes along with it (heat coil, etc.) because it’s no additional labor as they have to be removed to get at the pump.

So I’m waiting on the Lowe’s installer to call and tell me when he’s putting in our new Bosch.


Hey if your looking to sell/rent out the place im sure you could get a great amount.


Oh, I’m sure I could. It’s a seller’s market right now. I’m happy with the tenants I have, though, and I’m not ready to move out of the place I’m living in. I’ll sell or rent out if I decide to move to NZ.


I’ve heard the Bosch kitchen appliances are fantastic.


I’ve had my Bosch dishwasher for… a long time. It’s still so quiet that people have said, “Wait. Your dishwasher is running?!” and it’s only this year started having some problems. The rinse agent dispenser has stopped working.


I’d love to have firsthand knowledge if Lowe’s would just get the damn installer to call me!


I actually hated my Bosch dishwasher but I suspect it was improperly installed and so did not give me the whisper benefits that’s I hear people talk about. I suspect this bc when I replaced it we learned that the electrical was wired improperly/backward and could have set the house on fire at any point. :scream:


Installer finally called me but not without arm-twisting.

Wednesday: I call the store as it’s been 15 days since I ordered this dishwasher (3 weeks since I started the process, with the first dishwasher I wanted suddenly not being order-able). It just arrived today, so they can contact the installer to set up a time.

Monday: I call the store. Why hasn’t the installer called me yet? They were notified on Friday that they had an install, and they have 48 hours to contact me. Well, we’re pushing the limits of “48 hours” here (assuming it’s 48 hours during the business week, not 48 “business hours.”

Today (Tuesday): I call the store. Why hasn’t the installer called me yet? It’s been more than 48 hours. “We don’t have a fixed amount of time, you shouldn’t have been told that, I’ll call the guy right now.” I tell him if we can’t get something moving real soon, I’m cancelling the whole order.

Today (about 20 minutes later): Installer calls me. Says they’re behind schedule, they normally get a few business days to call but since I’ve been calling the store he’s calling me now. Says the earliest he can come is next week, and makes it sound like he’s doing me a favor because he’s “moving some things around” to fit us in.

I’ve bought no less than 7 appliances from this store over the past 13 years and this has been the first unsatisfactory one.


Lowes usually uses contractors to do installs. I think this creates spotty reliability with the installers. I’ve had great people come out, and I’ve had total idiots come in my house. I usually install myself, but the delivery people are a total crap shoot too.

Yes, I got a scratch and dent fridge, no, it didn’t have a dent in the side where someone cranked down the moving strap on it like it was going out of style before.


Yeah, this is a contractor install. Sounds like they always use the same guy, which I guess is good, but when you’ve been waiting 3+ weeks you just want the damn thing installed yesterday.