Home Ownership


Next room, office. Just tore down a bunch of old heavy cabinets. Only hurt myself twice. Cannot believe how many trial holes these people drilled into the wall before hitting gold. Good thing I bought the big tub of patching… :roll_eyes:


Mmmmmm. Crack spackle.


My mind said Cock speckler.

Must be something wrong with me. :frowning:


Probably :laughing:

EDIT - (JK, who doesn’t love the Ook?)


@MSUAlexis and her need for crack spackle reminds me: Have to patch a ceiling after last weekend.

So we’ve had an ugly fluorescent box light in our kitchen since we lived there. The ballast has been flakey so in the summer it gets weird. Until last month, it would usually just flicker a bit before coming on (rarely more than 30 seconds). Finally, though, it gave out completely.
I looked at replacing the ballasts, but they were connected oddly to the unit. Some sort of pop rivets, I think? Also, the ballasts looked ancient, and the light fixture itself was falling off at one corner. For reference, this was a big 2’ x 4’ ‘box’ fixture that hung down below the ceiling.

So, off to Dome He Pot! We picked out a replacement, and not liking the fluorescent options went with a simple three-bulb halogen fixture.let me spoil the ending here that it’s a nice light, albeit not as bright as I expect for a kitchen.

So, back at home with the new light we start by removing the old fixture. This is where it goes bad. We turn of power (yay us!), removed the bulbs, etc. I thought the fixture was attached to the ceiling box and then bolted to help keep it in place at the corners. Turned out the toggle bolts were it. One had ripped out years ago, the other three were in place.

So: One ladder. Tall ceiling (maybe 12 foot!). 2 people.

Thus ensued a comic scene as my wife tried to hold up one end of the fixture with a broom handle while I worked on the other. Honestly, it might have worked better if she hadn’t, but it ended up with me dropping the fixture on my head and basically ‘wearing’ it much like if you drape a hoodie hood on and let the rest hang behind you. This was the scene as I realized I needed to carefully back down the ladder so $Wife could help remove the fixture.

We got the replacement up with only a little swearing. The ceiling box is installed poorly, as we should expect by this point.

The ceiling will need patching and painting. We replaced a 2 x 4 box with a small round dome, so best-case there’d be a differently colored patch. In our case, we’ve got 2 small holes and 2 tears to patch/fill, and the previous owner of course did not paint under the fixture so it’s a totally different color.

Our kitchen is such a mess, really. I keep saying we should at least get a quote to have the counters and floor replaced and some wall cleanup as we really do need them done.


At least you got it down without too much fuss - and also before it decided to release itself from the ceiling.


Yep, totally been there, though my ceiling wasn’t 12’, thankfully. I installed two smaller fluorescent fixtures when I first moved in, then had to paint the voids - thankfully no patching needed. Several years ago, I swapped them out for nicer looking fluorescents, but they are somewhat heavier, so were more difficult to install. Like the one below, but all white - difficult to see the detail in the photo of the white one. I’ve been happy with them - good light, but don’t draw attention to themselves.


We still ain’t replaced the dead dishwasher. And have a dozen people coming for a gathering in 2 1/2 weeks.

But! We finally have stairs off the back door to the patio (the umbrella is only in that spot to provide shade while sanding)


Yeah, we’re really lucky it never dropped on it’s own.

That’s not bad looking, @RoadRunner. Maybe something like that if we do a true renovation at some point. The triple-halogens are nice, but I’m still not convinced they’re perfect for a kitchen. Would be great for a lot of other rooms.


Whoever decided it was a good idea to use red grease on the moving parts inside a dryer (where you have to work blind and there are lots of sharp edges) was a sadist.

Oh, guess what stopped working today BTW.

Fortunately it appears to be just the belt.


Spent the entire weekend building furniture for my den and bedroom. I am sorry and exhausted and sporting many bruises. But I got it done. First I built an Ikea bookshelf and thought it sucked, that the directions were weird but I figured it out. Then I build a not-Ikea lateral file and desk and decided Ikea makes the best directions ever. :rofl:

Today I am getting my financial house in order and working on changing banks. Tomorrow it’s right back at it with little finishing touches on the projects I’ve mostly completed. I’m at like 93% in four rooms. I’d like for one to be at 100% here soon… :grin:


Yeah, Ikea is a bit weird at times, but there’s usually a method to their madness. A lot like Lego, really… They both have a definite overlap in the style of their directions.


Well, they’re both swedish iirc… Also, funny you say that bc I totally said to my bff while I was building the bookshelf that Ikea is just Legos for adults. :grin:


Balancing a fan is the most boring task ever. That is all.


Lego is Danish.


Mmmm. Danish pastries.


Finally ordered the light and chair for the den, and that room will be done. Ordered the headboard and bought a nightstand for the master bedroom, and am working on getting my chair reupholstered and then the master will be done. Hung the new light in the dining room. Just need a table for in there and then that room will be done. That’ll take a little longer as I’m having it handmade by my best friend’s husband and he is a little backed up with her honey do list.

Next up is painting the master closet. No fun. I cannot figure out how to get the shelving down (white wire shelving like every other closet ever) so I’m stuck painting around it. Yuck. Doesn’t help that it’s 93F out and the closet is over the garage. It’s got AC but it’s still not enough.

Once I get that room done it should conclude most of my started indoor projects. Just in time to get the yard cleaned up for fall. Need to clean up the garden, dig up the strawberries, and hopefully build some garden beds and fencing before winter. Also need to figure out how to take down my lighting fixtures so I can clean and repaint them. No problem, yeah? :grin:


I’ve always had wooden shelf planks over wood closet rods. I don’t recall ever having wire shelving in closets, even as a kid. I’ve seen it at Home Depot & Lowes, though.


House plans have been approved. Yay for us.


Master closet is done except for hanging new blinds. Have to special order due to size. Much better than boring white. Was teh suck painting around these shelves.

Got the strawberries pulled up. Bought the mulch but way too hot and tired to deal with it tonight. Gonna read instead. :grin: