Home Ownership


Front door (centre), kitchen (left), living room and study (right), parents bedroom (top left), other bedrooms (top right) - five switches, one light



What about one light, one IR/RF sensor, five IR/RF transmitters?

Scratch that, the transmitters may tend to get lost or have flat batteries at inopportunate moments…


Install a clapper. Or Alexa.


In my head, this image needs to be animated with the Scooby Do logic where characters run into doors and immediately out doors on the opposite side and/or on a different floor.


:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Alexa* should work nicely. Until you get a parrot.

*Really not advocating IoT tat, as you don’t know who’ll be snooping in on your conversations.


I’m thinking for the 5 switches a Hue light would work. A motion sensor or 2 would pop it on whenever someone walks around and they have Hue wall switches where you could have multiple switches that control the same light. I’ve been playing with my few Hue lights lately so I have it on the brain. I stuck a light on the porch and it goes on and off at dusk and dawn. I’ve been thinking of replacing the front door bulb too. And I just replaced my Logitech Harmony remote with a new hub powered one and it has dedicated lights for home automation. I haven’t connected it to my Hue bridge but it is connected to the Ecobee. This weekend I’m going to be playing with a Hue RGB strip I picked up.


We got our trees taken down this week. It was a good thing we spent money on new siding, doors and windows because you can REALLY see the house now. They did nick a gas line that was going to the gas light next to the walk up but it isn’t a huge deal. We were thinking of replacing the gas lamp with an electric one (‘Is that a gas lamp?’ ‘No, it’s electric… Boogie woogie, woogie!’). Our contractors came out and capped it and the tree guy reimbursed us the bill. Now we have to upgrade the window treatments… It’s a hell of a lot brighter in the kitchen now.

Oh… and once the weather gets better, I get to build a wood shed. I easily have a cord of wood sitting in the yard so I need to split it and store it. Renting a log splitter for the splitting part. I’m too old to be swinging an axe all day.


But you’d get to do your Gimli “And my AXE!” impression like 5, 6 times minimum.


My lawn is now truly grown to gargantuan proportions and must be mowed. I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago, but the mower died midway through. I called our mobile small engine repair guy and they were going to come out a week later: the 23rd. He forgot. When I called the next day, he said he could come out a week later: the 30th. Finally, the mower is fixed, 3 weeks after I REALLY needed to cut it.

I’m looking out over my lot now at the lawn waving in the breeze.

I know I’ll have to do it at least twice with the wheels at full extension and then lower down. Tomorrow is going to be hot and muggy. Sunday might be a bit better. I’ll tackle it a bit at a time until it’s all done. I don’t really have anything else that requires my immediate attention this weekend, so that’s my plan. I’ll have lots of club soda and fresh lemon on hand to keep me cool.

Wish me luck.


Do let us know if you find a Lost City somewhere in there :smile: