Home Ownership


Wellllll… it depends.

What’s under the popcorn? What did the original finisher use for popcorn?

If it’s plaster compound applied over plaster - you’re in for a hard row.
If it’s drywall mud over plaster, it’s a cinch.
If it’s anything over drywall, it might be easier to pull out the drywall and start over.

If there’s a patch you could scrape experimentally, you could answer for yourself: “How tough will this be?”


You know, I want to start a YouTube channel that does the repairs wrong or leaves out a super-important step yet always gets a good result. Just for the comments.

Really Horrible Repairs.
I mean, it wouldn’t be the same as the Useless Duck Company channel, but it would be as entertaining.


There was a show called “DIY Nightmares” or similar I got hooked on for a few months. Got a bit samey and i feel like people were trying to get on it, but some definite entertainment watching people so clearly over their head.


There’s a couple of accredited draughtsman companies that publish their work to the WWW, for you to pick and choose from, and if you like it, you buy the entire set, and it’s all registered and all that.

One of those companies offer a service where you can draw your design and send it to them for finalization and certification etc. Really a good move on their part, as most people cannot afford a draughtsman, but are willing to spend some time bashing out a design and send it off for corrections and all that jazz. (like us).


lo, sounds like fun. DIY nightmares.


Well it’s pretty much builder spec everywhere so I’m sure it’s just drywall and then crap on top. I have to patch a hole in my front room, so I’m going to try it out in there. Because I don’t feel like trying to match the popcorn. It’s one of those house that was thrown up in the early 2000s boom. So nothing is too over the top with the construction. We shall see. Worst case I end up throwing drywall over it if it doesn’t go well and repopcorn it. Just one of a thousand projects…


Well, when I measured the area of ceiling I need to replace, I attempted to take off some of the texturing, and it was totally ruining the paper on the drywall. So no luck there. However!! I was able to locate the exact brush needed to make the texture that I have, plus got some tips from the guys at the hardware store. Going to have to practice for a while before I actually try and match the texture, but I’m up for a challenge. Also got all the things I need to fix said ceiling before texturing it.

Working on picking out paint colors. Going with gray, all with a blue undertone, and in light/med/darkish for the main open area/bedrooms/kitchen and bathrooms. Then a dusty or coastal blue for my color of furniture, etc. But the decorating part is a ways off. Pretty sure I’m going to have empty rooms for a while…

Best part? The boys and even the daughter are really excited to help. I haven’t seen them this excited about manual ever! :joy:


Ceiling repair in progress. I’m not sure what group of monkeys built this house but they sure were inventive. The drywall was screwed into a pice of wood that was nailed into the insulation. You know, paper-encased fiberglass? Definitely something that should be supporting drywall. But no worries, they also screwed it into the joists. With screws meant for metal studs. Cut those off with a bolt cutter. I have no time for such shenanigans. :grin: Attached the new drywall to joists in an appropriate fashion, and realized that the existing drywall that I’m taping to hangs lower because it’s not attached to anything. Ugh. Taped it up and slathered on the joint compound to kind of even it out. After it dries and I sand it, we shall see what it looks like. But so far so good!

Now to pick out paint colors… :thinking:


Barf color? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or hospital green? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I know! Neon pink! :smiley:


No…those are more like the colors I’m replacing. :joy:

I picked out three shades of a blue-grey, and my accents for decor will be in a coastal blue so it’ll go pretty well. And my light fixtures will be semi-indusrial with edison bulbs. Started painting last night. Even with using the Behr Marquee one coat paint, I’m going to have to do two coats in some spots - the current colors are that annoying. Oh well. It’ll be done soon enough.