Home Ownership


If we’re talking fantasy houses, I’d love to have a replica of the Flynn-Fletcher house from Phineas and Ferb because of the different entrances to Agent P’s underground lair that could be incorporated. Just a few off the top of my head include an elevator, slides and pneumatic tubes. Then there’s the hollowed-out tree with where the top flips open so that he can bring his jet car up through that.


I’d have some sort of elon-musk-come-hobbit-house thing, a high tech minimalist, almost brutalist structure set into a hillside for natural protection from the Dreaded Storms.

South-facing, naturally for something around the 55ºN mark, with plate windows to let in as many precious moments of English Sunlight¹ as possible. I was thinking geothermal for general heating, with solar for power and hot water. We’ve been looking into the concept of using USB3 as an actual replacement for mains power for a majority of appliances and, with the exception of the cooker, kettle and shower it should actually be possible… so the house could theoretically run from a 12V charge from the solar panels!

And of course, since it would be underground, a secret tunnel is a must.

… I’ll have to win the Lotto to do this of course, but I can dream!

¹ English Sunlight is a rare and mythical thing. The pale, high-UV light can cause a Briton to be sunburnt after just eleven seconds of exposure, or seven seconds if they’re from further north than Aberdeen. It has been rumoured that the south gets more sunlight than the north, but this is unprovable due to the scarce amount of Sunlight to take scientific readings.


I’d love to have a little straw bale house, with a triple glazed south facing exposure, terracotta floors to retain and release heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer, a geothermal heating system, a couple small windmills and a solar hot water system. Have a garage with a breezeway connection where I can have my wood shop.


I’m getting Facebook ads for something akin to this, recently. Open-plan houses intended to be built into a hillside or just creating a hill with a roof that grows grass and such.