Home Ownership


So now we have decided to go with a brick and mortar house. We are still working pricing out, will be borrowing that plus extra for expenses not covered.

I also want to get one of those POS PC’s (i5 cpu), load it up with gigglebytes of RAM (16Gb) and run a couple of VM’s on it, connect one or two unifi ap’s and let it be.

Also thinking of taking a shufty at zoneminder. There are one thorn tree in which I can stick a camera and camouflage it, so ne’er-do-wells won’t blag it easily, and use that to cover the front door. Which takes the guesswork out of guessing what that noise was, you just open a web browser, go to zoneminder and eyeball the front door camera. If ne’er-do-wells are present, take corrective action, else go back to sleep.


By the by, the Ubuntu version of Ubiquiti’s Unifi software is just as polished as the Windows versi - plus it starts up automatically. Very impressed, have kicked the windoze unifi controller off our work network, and replaced it with an Ubuntu VM.


We’ve hit that stage as well, I just like doing some of this stuff. And sometimes we’d rather take a trip than pay for the thing.

(Heh, this post took forever to write by word count. My E key has been flaky lately, finally got sick of it and popped it off to fix it. Small piece of plastic stuck in the key. The advantage to knowing a little about things. My Mom would be on her way to the store now to buy a new one.)


Just be super careful about burying twisted pair, shielded or otherwise (you too, @Woodman)—even when done the “correct” way (i.e., shielded outdoor-grade waterproof cable run through a non-conductive conduit with surge suppression on both ends), it will expose any differences in the potentials between the two buildings and can fuck up either or both buildings’ grounding. You can also REALLY screw up and create a ground loop. Lightning strikes or power surges will now have a direct path to follow between the buildings, too.

Unless you really, really, really, really need to use copper, you’re better off running fiber between buildings. It’s non-conductive and has none of the issues of copper.

Just get a pair of cheap gigabit Ethernet switches with SFP+ uplink ports, buy two cheap gigabit SFPs and as much orange multimode fiber as you need. You’ll also need conduit of some kind to conduit bury the fiber in—this gets a little more complicated, but something waterproof is mandatory. And, lastly, some fishtape if you don’t have any, for helping draw the fiber through.

Seriously, though, unless you’re actually an electrician, don’t just bury some twisted pair cabling, even if it says it’s outdoor-rated. You will cause problems, up to and including screwing up the grounding on your entire house.


Yeah, I was just talking about what utilities and how we’d need to run if we did the outbuilding “studio” we’ve talked about doing.

I’m also planing to install a hanging hammock chair.


I’m planning on having the guy who’s burying the electrical line either bury the network connection or leave room for me to fish something through. I hadn’t gotten far enough in my thought process to even think of how or what with it would actually be done.

Good advice.


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: appreciated.


Don’t just bury any wiring/cabling, period. I think the wiring for the post lamp by my driveway was buried w/o conduit and less than 4 years after moving in, the lamp went dead. There’s a lot of rocks in our soil so my assumption is that via freeze/thaw cycles, things moved and damaged the buried wire. But it’s going to cost a fortune to figure that out, dig it all up, and redo it properly.


Is putting in some sort of conduit OK?


I’ve been in talks with my electrician as well. He’s done the same thing for businesses around the area and has proven himself capable so I trust him. I have thought about the not burying the data lines too but since this project is in the far future, it’s not something I’ve focused on.

Now the fiber connection is not something I considered. I could use that in the house pretty easily with the right wiring setup. My problem is that the FIOS comes into the house in the garage, then crosses to literally the opposite corner of the house for the cable modem and then into my router. Most of my equipment is in that room or close to it but I do run a line back to the room next to the source for the media center. I should do a re-wire and move some stuff around. Running cable in the attic is doable since it’s just insulation and running fiber is an option. I need to sit down and think about this some more…


Fiber’s good for long runs… Buy it once and it’s done…


Yeah, around $800 for a short stretch. Ask me how I know… :imp::imp:


Should be - go for a conduit with thick walls.

Preferably not metal as it can conduct electricity.

And don’t be stingy and get a small sized-conduit, go for one that is a bit larger.


So I’m confused, does size matter or not when you are laying pipe?


Ask David Wilcox.


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