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I put a condom on my router. Seems to work so far.


That was disappointing. I spent an hour or so removing all the nails from the wood I used when setting in the fence posts and broke down the plywood forms back to their individual sheets so it all could go in the wood chipper for mulch or whatever. And then when I get to the refuse center, I find out they’re not doing that right now. Had to throw away the wood in with the rest of the trash. Could have saved myself a lot of aches and got it hauled there the day before.


but… scrap wood is what dreams are made of!



Plus marshmallows :slight_smile:


I mostly avoid IoT devices, other than the ones I deem worth it like media center appliances and such.

But I kind of like the color-changing light bulbs. I’d like to get the 4 or so I’d need for the basement, but they’re never a ‘priority.’


I tend to avoid unnecessary networking. We have zero IoT things in the house and until I find something that I remotely consider useful, I’m not going to bother with them at all.

Heck I even turned down the 1% discount on my power bills after I realised that installing a Smart Meter for the power left me at risk of someone spoofing the power company and simply disconnecting me from the grid.

That sounds like a pain, the spermicide will get into the vents and make it smell awful.


i used a ribbed on with no lubricant, turn it inside out and the ribs grip on the vents.

Seriously though. If you have them use your router to access the world, besides someone sitting in your driveway, or the neighbor’s with a pringles can, isn’t the access point the real weakness? As long as you control everything well enough that is.

Now, I suppose if I set something up as a honey pot for when the power resets, with a strong enough signal maybe the Things will connect to it first after a power outage? But that’s a really dedicated and targeted method.

IF someone is after me that bad, they’ll get me.


Yes, unless you have clueless support people for your IoT device like this guy who want you to open a bunch of ports to accept inbound connections (turns out, the device itself was bad and he didn’t really need to open ports, but if he hadn’t been savvy and pushed back, it could have gone badly). Or you buy a crappy IoT device that actually does require open inbound ports.


Ouch. Yeah, all my stuff either exists behind my router or it doesn’t get hooked up. I’m not opening ports for nobody. And anything that is web portal enabled to the outside gets a new level of password complexity that is beyond what I usually use. It’s a pain, but there’s only one or two that use it.



When I set up my home WiFi, I made the password a hugely long jumble of caps, smalls, and numbers. I was mostly planning to have to add it to PCs, and could copy/ paste from KeePass.

I regretted it a little when I wanted to add thermostats, Wii, etc. But only a little… those are add-once-and-forget, after all. But the HVAC installer clearly thought I was somewhere on the far side of the paranoid divide.


I hit a milestone this weekend and completed the library bookshelf project this weekend.

They are just Ikea Billy bookcases with an extension on the top. I’m using the mounting rail system from their Sektion kitchen line. You can buy the rail separately and then go to customer service for the clips that they use to attach it too. You can see them in the second picture since I cut the back a little more to make it easier to hang. It’s very easy to run the rail nice and level and screwed into the studs and then once the other pieces are on you literally just hang the bookshelf. I then ran a piece of angle iron on the bottom the length of the shelves and screwed them in from the bottom. These puppies aren’t going anywhere.


The HVAC installer is clearly a clueless moron who shouldn’t be let loose with a WiFi router.
My WiFi password is also long and unguessable and (despite my family complaining about it) will not be shortened any time soon (ever actually).


This is what our password is. As are most of my personal passwords. At least, if you don’t know what they mean you would think so. And since the chance of anyone knowing aenough about certain things to figure it out, well…


Gotta create an SSID called “FBI_Investigation” :innocent:


My phone, when I use it as a mobile hotspot, is something like FBI_Surveillance_Van_17


My home SSID is actually AFP_Surveillance_Van_42.

On my to-do list:

  • Buy nondescript white van
  • Park it on the street across the road



I got another compliment this weekend about the work I was doing on my fence. Some people were driving by, stopped and honked to get my attention. They said they had seen me previously working to make sure I got everything lined up first, liked that I had set the posts in concrete, and said that I was doing a better job with this by myself than most other people do with their projects.

I’m hoping to get the last twenty feet done tomorrow night before the weather starts getting bad and then I can work on the gate later. But I gotta admit, the garage smelled wonderful while the cedar fencing was drying out.


Something like this?


We are currently living in a prefab (weatherproof masonite) house, and want to enlarge it, then at the same time redo the floor completely and properly.

Luckily we only have to buy new galvanized sheets for the roof as we already have most of the material we need.

This will take some planning, but will be worth the effort.


My network is NSA Tracking Device.

And here is my latest creation.

I need to stop buying cheap plywood to build things with. It’s a lot harder to do things with warped wood. But that’s in my basement between the venting chimney for the gas powered furnace and water heater and a support beam. It’s now filled with books.

I need to make about three or four more of these in various shapes to fit the holes down there. I was very happy with the fit on this. Cut everything in my garage and assembled in the basement. Took about three hours over a period of a couple weeks. If I could have done it all at once it would have been quicker.

I have outlets in my garage (Thanks @DocDubious) but still no actual power out there. Running an extension cord and working in the outside doesn’t really do it for me. The job of hooking everything up is too small for my GC, and too big for an amateur. It’s hard to get professional work done right now.