History... is repeating itself

In 1989 I started work at a pharmaceutical firm as technical assistant, fresh out of school.

Said company later got bought out by a big German pharmaceutical firm. Then damagement went on a splurge, buying new cars etc for the damagers etc.

7 months (or so) before the firm closed down, I managed to find work in my first IT job. There are times when I regretted choosing IT, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyways, fast forward to 2014. Current firm (more than 9 years with them) also got bought out by a big German firm. Now damagement is planning to splurge big-time on IT, Already (from what I can see from every month at Procurement and Finance) is that finances (cash-flow) are not too good at the company.

The idea is to get $outside_firm in to completely overhaul our infrastructure etc, with new servers and so on.

From reading between the lines I get the idea that my post is to be made redundant at some stage or so.

I am not worried about that. Will worry about it when it comes to that.

At the moment I am actively looking for other jobs, either at my current level of expertise, or as a damager (hurr durr). It’s a big step forwards and upwards for myself (applying for a damager post) but I am sure I can do it. (it’s a bit scary at the same time)…

So… yep… not worried. Not stressed. Taking it calmly.

Also, current $Boss is not too happy at the company either, he’s also looking for an exit opportunity.

Interesting times ahead when the CEO takes IT over…

I didn’t even think that was possible within our current understanding of quantum physics.


He’s from South Africa. Perhaps it’s different there. :smile:



Is revoked…

Damn I loved those movies. Even with Leo Gets.


LOL, @Lee_Ars. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh today. I’m getting too old for this shit. :wink:

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… does not apply to physics. No, not even quantum physics.

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So you’re saying…it’s just been revoked.


I so need to go watch Lethal Weapon 2 now.

Free South Africa, you dumb son of a bitch!

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It’s Fried Rice you plick!

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I thought it was flied lice you plick!

the cANCer have deep roots here… we’ll need more than a Lethal Weapon, we’ll need an uncorruptible Judge Dredd who’ll poke his nose in all over the place and purge the corrupt ones out.

Or, failing that, the Seeker with the Sword of Truth…

A high plains drifter maybe?


I can feel another Mad Max movie in the making…

Yep. Epic cash flow shortage this month.

All procurement plans for new servers etc has been put on hold. Yay.