His Muskiness and Twitter

From what I have seen in the tech world often they just pay out 60 days and offer job training and COBRA payments and those lawsuits die stillborn.

Yes, but they have to do that, which often requires a lawsuit because companies keep trying tog et away with illegal stuff.

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I’m not sure whether to post this here or on the “what made you happy” thread.

When Musk was proposing the purchase he was all about free speech and not censoring people.

That all changed after ‘Tesla’ tweeted “you just can’t build cars that explode anymore with the way cancel culture is these days.”

The fact that the price gouger Lilly tweeted “We’re excited to announce insulin is free now.” and promptly dropped 4.5% of their stock price may also have helped change his mind :rofl:


I thought the his article was a really good overview of why running a big social network is hard:

It definitely makes me favor smaller, focused forums that can mostly do what they want, but even then there’s some problems like the dumb Texas thing,


As of this morning, Twitter has 12% of its employees left. Musk’s demand of “be hardcore, work 80 hours a week or take a 3 months’ severance package and leave” resulted in 3 out of 4 choosing to leave.


I have learned a lot of interesting things and have gotten a lot of value from Twitter over the years–but mostly those days are well behind me.

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I think he has bitten off more than he could chew.

I’m hearing a lot of interesting comments from various podcasters in the ‘tech journalism’ sphere that Twitter is/was a major way for them to keep track of things. It is, sadly, more accepted than RSS (and some of the people I’m hearing comments from love RSS) but it’s omnipresent and a good source for a unified news feed for certain topics.

Something I hadn’t considered is even if you run a good “PR” setup for a company with a custom blog you inevitably need to do occasional blocks of bad actors (I’ve blocked a bunch of Russian spammers, phishers, and worst threads from some services the last few months…) but twitter is relatively wide open so everyone can see your news, even if Important Tech Journalist somehow got the IP address you blocked because of some script kiddie six years ago.

Musk looking at code

There’s a YouTube channel called “Beau of the Fifth Column”. Apparently he suggested that Musk buy Fox News next :rofl:


I’ve seen Facebook as a preferred Musk purchase. But he’s so leveraged now I doubt he can buy anything substantial with risking ownership of SpaceX. Tesla, with his recent stock sales, is in danger of slipping through his fingers already. Even his family could consider him too detrimental to their investment to keep him around.

Should be good for some laughs.

Why? Somebody want to dredge up old tweets for reposting?

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