His Muskiness and Twitter

Those who’ve been following the story, knows.

Things may get quite interesting for His Muskiness soon.

He now have to work to make Twatter retain its $44bn price… but seriously, who’ll want to buy such a cauldron of vitriol and hate? Nevermind the responsibility that comes with it.

I think he’s also seeing some of his backers, er, backing out. So he may need to pony up that $44 billion on his own.

There’s rumors that if it ever actually happens he may need to sell off so much Tesla stock he could lose control of the company.

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Oh id love to see his stupidity cause his ruin.
I dont want to see him ruin twitter, but it would be nice to have him out of Tesla.

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That could be a very good thing for Tesla.


Imagine Twatter becoming a paid-for service…

Oops, too late. Happened years ago. It’s a cesspool of hate, doxxing, and extremists culture wars.

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A bit too late for His Muskiness to pull out now…

Big infusion of new people on fediverse systems, so that’s nice. This happens whenever something (perceived or real) horrible happens at other social media sites, and some small percentage of the visitors decide to stay. I didn’t so much quit Twitter as bifurcate–things that I am leaving behind when I retire from the Army in summer 2024 (mil, poli, law, etc.) stay on Twitter, while the things I plan to carry with me (music, radio, more music) went to my fediverse account.

The way I see it, there are three possible outcomes with Musk taking over

  • He improves Twitter
  • He destroys Twitter
  • It stays the same.

Two of those three outcomes are an improvement on the current state.

Possible does not mean likely. And you forgot the possibility of it getting worse without being destroyed. I’m hoping for destroyed and worry about it getting worse. I don’t think Musk can improve Twitter and his meddling will ensure it doesn’t stay the same.

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No, but I ignored other options for the sake of the punch line :slight_smile:

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My bad. (Extra characters required.)

Apparently Twitter is bracing for massive layoffs and the idea has been floated of charging $20 a month to have the “Verified” checkmark.

There’s rumors that Engineers were told to print code out for an in-person review by Tesla engineers… Who, assuming the Tesla engineers were at least coders, are still people who do mostly real-time stuff that’s tricky and local client apps and really aren’t qualified to discuss a codebase that’s been forced to scale heavily and is a highly distributed server-based web servcie architecture. It’s also apparently in a language different from Tesla’s choice language.

Rumors continue that someone realized they would be going through many reams of paper and possibly leaking their code, which means they then told engineers to stop and shred any printouts they made.

Also, apparently the way the financing is done the company basically bought a new boss and saddled itself with non-trivial debt to cover financing charges and terms for recently fired executives.

I’ve never used Twitter other than hating trying to read even a post this long in it spread over a thread. I certainly see no reason to change personally but I know it’s an information source for a lot of people.

I was wondering how Musk got the financing when just a week ago it looked like he couldn’t.

The current rate for a verified mark is $5/month for most people, with some exceptions. If everyone has to pay $20/month, then that is a way that Twitter can earn more revenue, something they’ve not been able to do enough of before.

The “Chief Twit”, as per the tag he placed on his own account, definitely came in like a wrecking ball. Fired three bigwigs, will have to give them a total of about $76 million as golden parachutes, and is pondering firing 75% of the 7500 workers. Are “workers” considered a separate group than just “employees”?

The board of directors is dissolved. Gone. That $44 billion he offered you doesn’t look so good now, does it, guys. But that was probably inevitable. If they hadn’t accepted, Musk might have gone the hostile takeover route. Well, it’s that anyway now.

All trading on Twitter stock has stopped. TWTR will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange on November 8. Everyone with Twitter stock will get their buyout shortly.

After Nancy Pelosi’s house was broken into and a man attacked her husband Paul with a hammer, Chief Twit posted a link to an article full of baseless claims about Pelosi. His comment was “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye.” He deleted it after an uproar by a lot of people, the first instance of how Musk might not realize how big a job moderating content is.

Related to this, the man who attacked Paul Pelosi was looking for Nancy. Latest info is he wanted to break her kneecaps. Paul managed to dial 911 before being attacked and spoke in coded phrases so the operator could be clued in that he was in danger without the assailant realizing it.

To top it all off, Chief Twit wants to review whether banned people should be let back in, including Donald Trump. This puts The Donald in a really bad position. On one hand, he could get his 77 million followers back again and have a worldwide voice again. Troth Senchal (Trump’s mangled attempt to say “Truth Social” one time) is a tiny squeak in an echo chamber.

But remember that the deal with Digital World Acquisition Corp has a requirement that Trump can only use Troth Senchal. It only exists because Trump couldn’t be on Twitter. If he goes back to Twitter, then he loses around $300 million that he would get from the DWAC deal closing.

Testing the new wild west Musk wants to establish has already begun, with N words flying fast and loose.

Given all this, the initial signs are pointing to outcome #2: Musk destroys Twitter.

Remember the $44 billion was for the stockholders, not the board. The stockholders took a vote and approved the deal. The board had no say other than through any stock they may have owned. Them being fired from the board was inevitable. So ‘how it looks now’, that’s a red herring.

Musk doesn’t realize yet that the protections Twitter had from his comments as a user don’t apply now that he’s the owner. He’s gonna shoot himself in the foot not with a BB gun, but with a .50 caliber machine gun on full automatic.

Haven’t seen anything that said coded phrases, he asked the guy if he could go to the bathroom and called from in there, and apparently they were fighting over the hammer after the police were let in the home by a third party. Once the police showed up the dude got control of the hammer and beat the shit out of the man. The guy was a local homeless man and apparently three zip codes past sanity. There is normally security there, she’s entitled to it as is her immediate family. There are security cameras all over the neighborhood.

My main question is why did the police not stop the attack when it happened? I understand events move fast, but shooting or tazering an active attacker, or even just tackling them, should have been possible.

I don’t think there is much, if anything shady here (Except the attempt to blame this on Republicans), except the piss poor job of security and the police. Hell, even the initial statement “Two men with a hammer” is badly written. It wasn’t a hammer fight, there was one hammer. More and more it seems that law enforcement PR is garbage, and their statements are worse than useless. Add that to everyone trying to get that exclusive scoop and it’s all just bullshit.

This kind of crap right here.

Fox affiliate in SF retracts report that Pelosi and the suspect were found in their underwear. NBC News retracts report there were 3 people in the house. Politico retracts a third party opened the door to let cops in.

I usually try not to react to stories for several days because of this crap.

Spot the typo.


This is an absolutely true statement. It’s helpful to remember that the first version shared by law enforcement agencies will be the most favorable to them. Subsequent news will always paint a worse and worse picture.


Hell, half the time it doesn’t even look good for them, it’s just a garbled mess.