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I enjoy Charles Stross’ contributions, which are fan fiction for his own setting. I think he was using ti for basically non-canon scenes he liked.


I much prefer AO3 to FFNet, both for reading and posting. I do find, as an author, I don’t get as many reviews on AO3, but I think that’s because of the Kudos feature, which is fine with me. And AO3 really does take what it does seriously - there’s a Board of Directors that’s elected and oversees everything.


I thought there was a “Subscribe” or “Favourite” feature that did that. I’ll have to check when I get home. I mostly just download the stories I really like in .pdf form. :slight_smile:


Hm, wonder if I missed that (or it wasn’t implemented last time I was there). Neat, but like I said, I’m particularly spoiled by another fanfic site (that’s not FFNet) that allows users to maintain custom personal lists (called “bookshelves”). A story can be added to one or more of these custom personal lists simultaneously, and they have an additional feature (that’s not included in public “groups” lists of stories or general search) where it keeps track of which chapters you’ve read or not so it can tell you how many unread chapters a bookshelf contains, allow you to view only stories with unread chapters, etc.


Oooh - which site? I’m always looking for good ff sites.

And I think it might be “Bookmark” I was thinking of, although “Subscribe” seems to do much the same thing (but will notify you when new chapters are posted):


FIMFiction. It’s a fandom site solely for collecting MLP fanfiction. I honestly kind of hope that at some point they release whatever the deus they built as the software that controls it for use elsewhere so that other sites can have the same functionality :smiley:




I got all excited when I got the notification that Home Free was coming to my local concert hall and was set to buy tickets. Then I looked at the date and realized that I was going to be in Japan when they were here.


$deity I hate that building. I got disoriented every time was in it last week.